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Creator: NAM Team Upload Date: 2009-03-07
Last Update: 2009-03-08 File Type: NAM Plugin Files
Views: 9678 Category: 00 Outdated
Last Downloaded: 2013-03-28 Downloads: 32251


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This file has been locked, as the Rail Addon Mod/Single Track Rail feature is now included out of the box with the Network Addon Mod (NAM) itself. You can pick up the latest NAM release here .

We will not be unlocking this file, as it is no longer needed. Its continued presence is mainly to redirect users who may have followed links from elsewhere toward the NAM with the integrated RAM/STR.


Tarkus stalin187: Using expletives in comments, even masked ones, can lead to suspension of download privileges. Consider this a friendly warning from your local Admin. 2015-07-09
Gtaman stalin187: its included in NAM <br /> <br /> 2015-07-08
Ufroni Nice and good 2013-10-12
Tarkus Simple: it\'s outdated and included in the most recent NAM. Any further comments inquiring about it being unlocked will be deleted. 2013-07-31
ArkaSzatana why you locked dowoland? 2013-07-31
woojin good 2013-06-16
kojimayamada thanks 2013-05-02
story.p cool >,< 2013-04-24
MayorOfHell y is it locked 2013-03-10
ulyssedu45 [img]http://www.sc4devotion.com/csxlex/images/emc_loveit.gif[/img] 2013-01-03
ulyssedu45 http://www.sc4devotion.com/csxlex/images/emc_loveit.gif 2013-01-03
ulyssedu45 2013-01-03
khavatrri 2012-12-19
NAM Team The problem is that we can\'t. It\'s an issue with the LEX software. 2012-10-19
YNM I think somebody\'s should change the filename... 2012-10-19
N73A Game crashes when trying to build single tracks adjacent to railway yard. 2012-09-01
bagusyuu Thanks! 2012-03-10
apesfiu thanks 2012-02-08
prince_amy thank you (just like the old days 2012-01-31
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-08
sc980 its cool 2011-08-18
Tarkus FYI, the reason it says \"Mac\" is because of issues with how the exchange software handles file names. This is the Windows version and does contain an .exe installer with it as it should. 2011-06-15
timbukturegion Awesome :\'D 2011-05-28
djedu i find this on Simtropolis, and now, i found it in LEX!!! 2011-04-07
geindoll thank you very much! 2011-03-22
Lahm thanks! 2011-03-07
manong good job 2011-02-28
wmpang2 Nice & Cool 2011-02-20
janism1234 COOOLLL THE BEST!!!! I LOVE IT!!! 2011-02-06
Julesdadestroyer found it... 2010-12-28
Julesdadestroyer How do I get the track to split into 2 rail? There seems to be no graphic for this. It just goes one track then two, and no points...:confused: 2010-12-28
MB Corben This real fantastic! is the first NAM that I get for trains... Thanks dude! 2010-12-26
therealslimshady just wonderful heres a tip: this modd looks very good with peg\'s pine trails anyways awesome work 2010-12-09
isaiah1999 Thank you so very much, i think my simcity 4 deluxe is much cooler now 2010-10-31
robert2097 Yesssssssssss... Thanks for making one of my most wanted features became a reality 2010-09-27
brandbrand32 thank you 2010-08-27
Ghost123456 love U ,man!!! 2010-08-16
deanva I have downloaded both dependencies, 5/10 versions, however if I try to put a road across the single track it turns red and will not allow me to place any roads. Anyone know what I am doing wrong? 2010-07-19
KlapTrap this ROCKS 2010-06-29
Aa51132155 2010-06-18
gonzalo mr@les Cool, I needed it 2010-06-14
ngal sweet 2010-04-21
dhf528 2010-04-18
CVW1 Awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2010-03-07
CVW1 Can someone try to make a screen that pops up when you go to drive a train that lets you choose how many locomotives , what type of train,paint scheme,and how many freightcars? -Ctrainz Productions(cvw1) 2010-03-07
bdrlgn05 Was having the same problem. The solution is extremely simple- just re-install the latest NAM Essential file: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=850 2010-03-04
CityDog17 Thanks again to the NAM team. It gets better all the time. 2010-02-05
Simbourgeois This is very nice! Great job! 2010-01-18
rhythmandjays very nice! 2010-01-13
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
claydog Sweeeeet! Nice work guys! 2009-11-02
I4Nightmare Thx))) 2009-10-27
tkaira lovely XD 2009-10-23
trainguy4449 Hagar Topeka, wouldn\'t that kind of be the exact same thing as the default rail line? 2009-10-14
hzf728 thank you. 2009-10-01
roni-m3 thnx 2009-09-21
corncake21 what confused me is why it sais RailwayAddonMod_STR_Mac Mac its windows, anyway works great thanks to the NAM Team ;-) 2009-08-10
SC4BOY Why is this called xxx_MAC if its the windows version? 2009-07-31
stingstingsting hey yeah there seems to be a problem with mine too. its there but all greyed out. anyone know the reason? tq. 2009-07-29
cjwalter78 I must be missing something, I can\'t get the starter piece to work. Its there but its all greyed out. Looks good though. 2009-05-22
Dahurian Nice work! thank you ^^ 2009-04-26
Hagar Topeka 2 It would be great if you guys would create one so that, instead of plopping two beside each other, all you had to do was drag and it would put two on one tile... Whoa. And then you could have one going each direction... 2009-03-22
patfirefghtr Thank you!!! 2009-03-16
futurama2506 Yay for us! 2009-03-15
aschampoo thank you. 2009-03-12
Koltedkead Great Mod, but unless I\'m doing something wrong, there\'s a missing string in the railroad/single track railroad puzzle pieces. It\'s near the end of the cycle, and it says something like \" ## Missing string ID ## \" 2009-03-09
lgmills This is a great addition to the transit network. I can think of a number of situations where I could use a single track rail. Thanks! 2009-03-09
delsar 2009-03-09
bronstein I can\'t place any start piece in my city!!! 2009-03-09
SimCityGamer I have long sought. Great job. Thanks NAM-Team! 2009-03-08
kimcar Another masterpiece Thanks a bunch guys 2009-03-08
grain79 STR Tunnel:http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=21040 2009-03-08
christanseer@hotmail.com Very cool. Thanks! One small comment. The default file name seems to suggest this is a Mac version: \"RailwayAddonMod_STR_Mac\". The actual install file is an .exe, so obviously it is a Windows version. Just thought I\'d point it out a possible (minor) confusion. Whatever the cases, thanks again. This looks very cool. 2009-03-07
brney1000 Awesome it\'s finally out! 2009-03-07
gfv1974 Thanks! :) 2009-03-07
SimNation Nice 2009-03-07
auonline2 cool XD 2009-03-07
Livin in Sim Great job, team. Some folks thought this a pipe dream, but what do they know? 2009-03-07