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A fictional large, city centre Police Station in the mid-twentieth century internationalist style.

It is suitable for both Wall to Wall environments and as a stand alone building.

It is designed for tight corner allotments

Expanded coverage and dispatch/strength radii make this police station suitable for controlling crime in very large cities as well as near Mega Lots.

It has a radius of 1,456m and a dispatch radius of 160m (this compares to Maxis' deluxe police station of 685m and 48m respectively). It can hold 170 inmates.
The costs reflect the increased capacities($2,140 to place, $500 per month to service).

The values assigned to the models and lots have been created with the PIM-X and are suitable for both SC4 rush hour and CAM.

This Bat provides aproximately 250 civic jobs.


BSC MEGA Props Gascooker Vol01

(Please note this link is up to date; the link in the readme is out of date)

BSC Essentials

Thanks to my team-mates in the BSC for their support, feedback and testing. 

Edit April 7 2021: removed installer


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