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Before downloading and installing please read the Notes at the end of this page!

The SC4 Model Model Tweaker, as its name implies, is a modding tool aiming at editing S3D files (models). Editing S3D files is notorious for being complicated, tedious and error-prone. While most of their features and properties are well known, editing them is usually a tiresome and unpleasant task. SC4 Model Tweaker makes this editing much easier and much more efficient.

Currently the following operations are supported:
- Flipping/Mirroring S3D Models
- Moving S3D Models
- Reorienting S3D Models
- Rotating S3D Models
- Scaling S3D Models
- Merging S3D Models
- Setting or Removing Transparency settings
- Replacing the Models' texture(s)

SC4 Model Tweaker features a standardized yet customizable User-Interface. Menu Bar, Toolbar, Status Bar, context-sensitive help, all customizable by the user.

SC4 Model Tweaker is a 32-bit application (running under Windows XP). Some changes and fixes, like the inclusion of S3D.DLL's source code in the executable (thanks iLive!), have resulted in a stable operation under Vista and Windows 7 too.

- Many Thanks to all members who provided testing, feedback, and recommendations during the development phase.
- Special thanks to Jayson (sithlrd98) for the detailed testing and feedback he has provided, making it possible to make this tool working under Vista too.
- Special thanks to Zack (woodb3kmaster) for proof-reading and correcting the documentation.

Change Log:
- May 10, 2009, V1.00: Release. Implemented Scale and Set Transparency commands
- June 5, 2009, V2.00: Added Flip/Mirror, Move, Reorient and Rotate commands, updated documentation, features the "aero" look under Vista (and fewer crashes under this OS too).
- June 9, 2010, V2.20: Removed S3D.DLL, Added Replace Textures command, fixed a minor bug in the Scale operation, updated documentation.
- June 15, 2012, V3.00: Enhanced User Interface, added Merge Models command, fixed the crashes-under-Vista/Win7 problem, fixed some minor bugs, updated documentation.

Notes (Please Read!):
- Please change the download filename to "SC4 Model Tweaker V3.00 Setup.zip". It is incorrectly named "SC4 Model Tweaker V1.00 Setup.zip" (the original filename) but I can't change this - the content is correct though.
- Before installing this version, please remove any older installation as described in this post.

Please post your comments, problems or recommendations in the Discussion/Support thread.


MGB204 Extremely useful tool with many time-saving features for common model-related tasks. Highly recommend for all the tinkerers out there. 2017-12-15
bap Incredibly valuable tool, even better with increased stability under windows 7. Thanks a lot & bat. 2013-03-09
Magneto Thanks for sharing! 2012-08-01
riemogerz Thanks boy... 2012-03-01
riemogerz Thanks boy... 2012-03-01
riemogerz Thanks boy... 2012-03-01
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
plai thank 2010-02-14
gottago Great to see this is vista compatible now, many thanks for the update 2009-08-07
cogeo @madhatter106: This is possible, and doesn\'t require this tool. Check this thread http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=5777.0 2009-05-30
madhatter106 Wow. Just wondering - can this take S3D models from automata and make them just plain old regular props that can be added in the Lot Editor??? 2009-05-29
echo112 looks very interesting 2009-05-18
gn_leugim man.. Than k you! 2009-05-16
Officer Martin Wicked !! 2009-05-11
Cockatoo-210893 Interesting! 2009-05-11
bap Thanks for this valuable tool. It certainly make tweaking S3D files much easier! I am looking forward for the updates and improvements on the program. 2009-05-10