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Creator: Mas71 Upload Date: 2009-05-13
Last Update: 2009-05-29 File Type: Plop
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### This is not Installer ###
Please choose files which you need by manually.

- JRP Suburban Canal -
All of 15 Lot(5Lot by 3Trees) included in this zip.
All icon added in Watertransit menu.

If you want to use additional Lots with my Cherry-tree
Please get this zip and use them with JRP-SC main files.
Download Page --> HERE

--- Dependencies
Please download following files beforehand.

BSC Texture Vol 01 (in SC4Devotion)
BSC MEGA Props SG (in SC4Devotion)
BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 (in SC4Devotion)
SimFox TreePack #2 (in Simtropolis)

Please read a RADME in this zip for more details.


When you have any problem in my walls, please check or post in my support thread.
Mas'71 works mini pumphlet in SC4Devotion.

Enjoy with my little canal !
Thank you.



sejr99999 thank you i finally got the cherry trees version and its beautiful 2017-04-22
ardi33 great! 2013-08-11
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-17
bombsaway Nice love it! 2011-06-09
senseisan wew... looks realism 2011-05-12
stanleyedison Another canal to circle around my city!!! :D 2011-02-14
sejr99999 thank you a special beautification project for my cities 2011-02-05
_Daeron_ Thank you my friend!!!!! 2010-12-14
joefonzi damn this is are incredible 2010-06-18
MayorNathan I like it!!Isan\'t wait to send this to my plugins folder!!GREAT JOB!! 2009-05-22
Mas71 @All-Thank you again a lot of comments, and I hope you enjoy them:-) @David123-What you can\'t see? Do you check an OPTION of displaying-details in a game? Let me know more stats in my thread if you don\'t yet solved it. 2009-05-22
David123 It works, but I can\'t see it, it\'s there, but I can\'t see it, help me 2009-05-21
vester Love it. Great work, mas san. 2009-05-21
Lana 10/10 2009-05-21
tag_one Great job as always Mas-san! 2009-05-17
Urseto Thanks for this grandiose work. 2009-05-16
1i2n3d4i5o O____________O omg is awensome 2009-05-15
czkimi nice work 2009-05-15
Mas71 Thank you everyone for your comments and downloaded friends!! It\'s a little set for you but I want it would be your helps for decoration to your city ;-), and Thanks again Porky and Simfox your beatiful trees too! 2009-05-15
kimcar Great work mate, and thanks for giving choices 2009-05-14
lmc09 Great job as always Mas71,now i can mix: Gurrys walls,JRP and your suburban canals...my cities now will look better 2009-05-14
ill tonkso Very Portsmouth, a s drainage system just like this runs through Leigh Park where my ex lived. 2009-05-14
Shadow_prophet Among all your creations i welcome this one the most. Thank you Mas 2009-05-14
Twenty20 Wonderful ! it\'s awesome !! thank you ! 2009-05-14
mattb325 Thankyou - as always, I love your additions to the game 2009-05-13
vagaga seems nice...im new btw 2009-05-13
SimNation Lovely I have been waiting for this. 2009-05-13
sithlrd98 Excellent job as always Mas san! looking forward to trying them out! 2009-05-13
Acemusik Wow ! 2009-05-13
patfirefghtr Mas-san thank you for your hard work and wonderful creations!!!! 2009-05-13
Jim Nice but I will not use it now. 2009-05-13
io_bg Great job! These will go straight to my plugins folder! 2009-05-13