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Creator: OverPoP Upload Date: 2009-05-31
Last Update: 2009-06-19 File Type: Tools - Developer
Views: 6861 Category: Tools - Data Creation
Last Downloaded: 2023-03-03 Downloads: 1317


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SC4BAB Version 1.1.090 Including: SC4BAB.EXE, Readme.chm, demo1.gmax, and 4 gmax-scripts. Please look at Readme.chm befor starting BAB and visit BAB Room for more information ... SC4D: Forums / Sim city 4 Devotion tools / Custom Content Creation Tools / SC4 animator / BAB ### 1.1.090 - Updated June19,2009 ### (previous ver. 1.1.034)


SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
wokaonima 2011-05-02
justinrpg doesn\'t work 2010-08-28
pspfsx 2009-07-18
barbyw @haljackey: what are you talking about? This is a program for making animated props and nothing to do with CAM. 2009-06-06
Haljackey Any chance of a non-CAM version? This looks great and I bet non-CAM users would like to use it! 2009-06-04
mrbisonm Hm....let\'s see if I can understand it and make some use of it. 2009-06-02
Bobbi This is a wonderful tools! Thank you Overpop san! 2009-06-01
io_bg ^ It makes animated props, I don\'t think it is for you :) 2009-05-31
Jim I\'m noob and I\'m asking to me : \"What the hell it does?\" 2009-05-31
Mas71 Yeeeh!! Thank you for sharing it and congratulate for completion of tool!! :-) 2009-05-31
barbyw Thank you for this wonderful program, Overpop-san. It is very easy to use - so easy even I could make the animated prop from your demo file. 2009-05-31
caspervg Thank you! Not that I\'ll have much use of it (not a BATter), but I\'m sure many people will. 2009-05-31