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This updated version fixes the crash that prevents FiSHMan / DatGen from loading fsh files and Sc4Tool from displaying fsh images on Windows Vista and XP. To install copy the FSHLib.dll from the download into the folder of FiSHMan, SC4Tool, DatGen etc. overwriting the existing file. The support thread is: Windows Vista and Textures: A Problem No More! (Bugfix on Pg. 1)


delta9 A couple notes:<br /> <br /> 1. This DLL has come with SC4Tool since 2009, so no need to download if you've installed SC4Tool in the past several years<br /> 2. This DLL will makes your antivirus freak out with false positives, so turn it off before you try to DL this file or any SC4Tool installs that may have it (again, any since 2009).<br /> <br /> I could have saved myself several hours of frustration and some newfound embarrassment at myself had I known this... and not had my AV on silent mode. 2015-03-09
Biwdc Great update,where would we be without these tools. 2012-04-24
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
vil And Windows 7... 2011-02-18
yunxiang Yes! Finally!!! 2010-02-14
JayStimson Thanks a million for this fix. I really hate Microsoft. 2010-01-14
kwakelaar Thanks a lot for this fix 2009-10-28
Mas71 Thank you for a Fixed Null45. 2009-10-24
seanlax5 windoes? lol. useful update though :D. kthxbai 2009-10-23