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Please download and read this BEFORE using SC4PIM.


TonyNobo Gonna start creating LOTs and will read this UserGuide first, as suggested by you. Thanks 2013-02-10
Dimax_165 Thanks 2012-09-30
Ioseph Thanks 2011-10-15
AlexMedows thanx :) 2011-06-12
w2kpilot thanx 2011-06-10
sejr99999 great thanks very much now I have to learn to read 2010-01-04
SimGoober You mean I am supposed to read the instructions? :P 2009-11-05
westamastaflash Whoo! 2009-11-05
powerpill-pacman Hooray!!! 2009-11-05
jmyers2043 I agree with what Heblem says. BEST TOOL EVER. I used the XTool on my entire plugins folder to all the lots I\'ve downloaded through the years. I have a better balance of lots now - and more variety as a result. It takes the guess work out of making balanced lots that enhance game play. Take advantage of the latest knowledge. Use it on your plugins today and discover how much better the game will peform and how your regions will look. 2009-11-04
Bluenube but...it is just for creators??...or is for simcity players as well??..just players! :P 2009-11-04
scorer Now you got us all teased. Really. 2009-11-04
Heblem Agreed, best tool ever... cant wait to see it on public! 2009-11-04
patfirefghtr OK after being out sick again grr and I come back in to find this OMG WOW!!!! I am ubbber excited woot!! 2009-11-04
Cockatoo-210893 Wow, after all this time waiting, it\'s finally going public. I\'ve been using this for over a year now and I\'ve never looked back. Best tool ever. Hands down. Get excited people. 2009-11-03
gmac I shrieked when I saw this. I cannot wait. 2009-11-03
zero7 Now this may come in useful! 2009-11-03
clearlypowa thanks very much, 2009-11-03
Delecto Very good news Barbyw, I put on reading immediately! 2009-11-03
manchou WOW ! Thank you very much Barby, it\'s great! 2009-11-03