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Creator: wouanagaine Upload Date: 2009-11-06
Last Update: 2010-09-14 File Type: Tools - Developer
Views: 18933 Category: Tools - Data Creation
Last Downloaded: 2023-06-07 Downloads: 13142


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SC4PIM is a "better" Maxis PIM and Maxis LotEditor
version RC8c updloaded
With v105 of SC4PIM New Properties XML
<<Support thread>>

PLEASE download and install the updated New Properties XML as well!

You are recommended to download and read the
SC4PIM User Guide
before using this program.

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users should also install the multiarray.pyd bugfix. Without, PIM-X will crash immediately while loading

Special thanks to Ripplejet aka "superformulaman"
Special thanks to Barbyw aka "the goddess"
Without any special order many thanks to Callagrafx, Andreas, jmyers2043, SimGoober, Colyn, Vester, Swamper77, Serkanner, Jplumbley, vil, Indisguise, simrolle, JBSimio, Daeley, Rayden, jestarr,freedo50, marcszar, SandraSim1, sawtooth, D66, Sam, M4346, Couchpotato, rooker1, c.p., Heblem, Tag_one, jeronij, xxdita, mattb325, zero7, diggis, tooheys, Hogmeister, Shadow Assassin, Capo, BigSlark, citynut, Travis, paroch, jmouse, Unassigned, Cockato-210893, sarjm, Sithlrd98, CasperVg

German Translation : Andreas
Various graphics logo/icons/signatures: Callagrafx


DeclantheMayor If it works on XP, does it also work on 2000 SP4? 2022-11-11
Tyberius06 @AnimeFreak1987: it should work, because it was written for XP originally. 2022-11-01
AnimeFreak1987 Does this work on XP (yes, I still have XP, lol). 2022-10-31
xxdita I would be lost without this. Thank you Wou! 2019-12-26
Ducoh Thanks! Installed the new properties Installed the four DLL's mentioned on the support page. (The link is working, although the site is freaky. Search and do it manual.) Put them in the root folder. Run as an administrator. Fine! Windows 10. 2018-12-06
AtrjunH1 works in my old former laptop which is falled when driving a motorcycle to home. tried it on this pc too but i already downloaded all replacement files, still not work. a missing file was missing..... it is some file that has m as their first letter with some number and then its a dll. 2018-10-07
Adhit still crash while loading, on windows 10. please fix it 2017-09-09
heartattoo_gsc @JackWilds, try running running it as administrator. I had the same problem after following the guide from the support thread, after running it as admin. you should be able to run it by then. 2017-03-26
MGB204 @JackWilds: I'm sorry, but this program does work, including under Windows 10. If you don't know how to install DLL files, why not ask for help instead of simply complaining here about it. As for your comments re: the support thread, what are you talking about? Clearly it's still active, only last month I helped a user fix a similar DLL problem. Please try not to confuse your lack of ability with something being broken, the two are not the same. The number of times the exact same fixes have been repeated over and over on that support thread makes me weary. Perhaps if you took 2 minutes to read it rather than ranting about it, you'd have invested your time more wisely?<br /> <br /> Once again people, this is for comments, not technical support!!! 2016-11-16
JackWilds STILL Bugs... stopped using months ago because it wouldn't load at all... just says errors... can not find teh list of additional DLLs, do not know where to place the additional files fixes... in short does not function... using Win 10... the support page has more dust on it than this download page... will return to support page, to see what I may have missed or not understoood 2016-11-13
Ducio Note you may also need to download some DLL files, see the first post in the support page. Thanks for creating this! 2016-04-11
gioac96 I installed the bugfix, but the program crashes on load - Windows 10 2016-03-01
girafe Post in the forum with more information 2014-10-09
simangel I updated the multiarray.pyd but I still can\'t get pim to work, no idea why 2014-10-08
tfinvold Bugs up the wazoo I already updated the multiarray.pyd and now when I try to execute the program it says it has stopped responding so I am at a loss here... 2014-08-31
caspervg If you are experiencing crashes on Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, please install the <a href=\"http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=14216.0\">multiarray.pyd bugfix</a>! 2014-07-20
gecko002 Hello. I downloaded the zip file, but my antivirus program reports a \"threat\": malware group: W32.Malware.Gen, location is /path/to/sc4pim/w9xpopen.exe. So it seems from where I sit that the download file is infected. Can someone look into this? TIA 2014-04-19
jjbbarbosa hello, i\'m having problems... no .exe on it thanks in advance 2012-03-03
jjbbarbosa hello, doesn\'t work... errors 2012-03-03
Jedinight well how to work this 2012-01-13
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-11
Ioseph Thanks 2011-10-15
jirasak_bat it not load .... why? it have this message >>> Quota Error 2011-09-10
CityDog17 Thanks for the update! 2011-01-30
metarvo I used to dread loading up the old Maxis LE, but SC4PIM has breathed life back into my BAT project that had been collecting dust on the shelf. Thank you for your good work! 2010-05-31
ridhoes whats this tools i dont understand 2010-05-18
SimNation Super Easy to use and wonderful. Fantastic job on this. 2010-02-10
sejr99999 thank you old LE was very stressful thank u thank u 2010-01-04
puresimcity 2009-12-29
TownMaster2005 Thank you to the team that put this together. Had a quick look after installing and reading the manual and I think it is a brilliant piece of work. Will take a while to get used to but it is so much easier. Lot making has moved on eventually. I look forward so showing some of my results. 2009-12-26
vivalarevolution Pure excellence. 2009-11-14
thingfishs this looks amazing, thanks a lot for everyone\'s work. I noticed it works on windows 7! So now the only reason I\'ve got to reboot into xp every 15 minutes is gmax? Nearly there... 2009-11-12
DG123 Cool I like it 2009-11-11
Heblem 2009-11-07
un1 It\'s finally out, yay! 2009-11-07
Tamorr My patience has paid off to now finally work with this great tool you have finally made public :) Thank you. 2009-11-07
Delecto 2009-11-07
dobdriver Thanks wouanagaine 2009-11-07
patfirefghtr OMG Faiiint!!! Its here its really here wow!!! I cant believe my eyes!!! To everyone invovled in the devolpment of this wonderful tool thank you for your time and work!!! 2009-11-07
westamastaflash Thank you! This looks incredible, great job! 2009-11-06
gottago Congratulations and great thanks for all your hard work! 2009-11-06
marcszar Like Zero7, I\'ve been lucky enough to use SC4PIM for a while now and I *HIGHLY* recommend it for any other BATters out there who enjoy BATting but hate getting bogged down in the unwieldy modding/lotting process. This tool will eliminate the frequent confusion and common modding errors that those of us who consider modding a bit of a mystery world often make. So ditch Maxis\' crappy Plugin Manager and Lot Editor and use the streamlined SC4PIM instead! A BIG thanks to Wouanagaine for his many hundreds (if not thousands?) of hours of effort in completing this project! 2009-11-06
Korot It has arrived! Thank you very much. 2009-11-06
TheTeaCat Thanks to all involved in bringing this wonderful tool to the community. 2009-11-06
zero7 I\'ve been lucky enough to have been using this tool for some time. It is a fantastic tool and is an absolute essential download for BATters. lot makers or anyone who just wants balanced stats for all their downloads. 2009-11-06
Gringamuyloca Thank you All for your Devotion! Thank you so much for sharing! 2009-11-06
tcx Just in time for Christmas!!!!. Thank you all for this. 2009-11-06
Mas71 No need words, A big thanks for you PIM team !! 2009-11-06
Tooheys Great to see this finally getting publicly released. I know how much time you\'ve put into this and it\'s sure to have a huge effect on the game, well it already has :-) Congratulations 2009-11-06
dragonshardz ^ditto^ I\'m so glad I can finally ditch LE. Slow and cumbersome, just the way I hate it. Thank you VERY much, Wounagaine! 2009-11-06
Tarkus It\'s here! Thank you all for your tireless efforts over the years on this fantastic program! 2009-11-06