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Creator: RippleJet Upload Date: 2009-11-21
Last Update: 2022-09-17 File Type: Tools - Developer
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The properties and their formulae for creating custom content for SC4
are included in a file called new_properties.xml.

This file is updated whenever errors are found.
Thus, please make sure that you always have the latest version of new_properties.xml.


November 2009 (v 1.01)
- Formula for Library Bulldoze Cost corrected

December 2009 (v 1.02)
- Power Eye-candy category added (for e.g. power poles)
- Prop catagory expanded to separate flora, trees, invisible props, zots, effects, etc.

September 2010 (v 1.05)
- Missing Property 0x27812920 (ResourceKeyTypeMisc) added
- Demand Created (civic jobs) removed from Wind Power Plants
- Category Railyard added (eye-candy without a station)
- Category Waterfront has been reworked and moved
- Errors in Category Airport Eye-Candy have been corrected
- Transit Switch Entry Costs have been updated

September 2022 (v2022a)
- Transit Switch Entry Costs have been updated

Download SC4 PIM here!


joshua43214 Thank you.<br /> Would you please add installation instructions to the description?<br /> For others wondering, drop the two files into<br /> C:\\Program Files (x86)\\SC4PIM<br /> and let them overwrite the existing files 2014-07-13
sprix thank hou 2013-01-18
TonyNobo Thanks. this will help me out 2012-12-26
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
hoss48458 Thanks 2011-11-21
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-11
Ioseph Thanks 2011-10-15
CityDog17 Thanks for the update! 2011-01-30
metarvo Good work! Power Eye-candy? Just the thought makes my mouth water. 2010-05-31
shanicus Thanks a lot; I hope this will add more candy to the game! 2010-01-10
mr.fusion I guess this file must be put in the SC4PIM-folder? 2010-01-09
sejr99999 thank you 2010-01-04
DG123 THANK YOU! I NEED THIS! 2009-11-22