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A series of R floor plans from local home builders in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, areas.

The Wellington I is a high-wealth, prestigious home from a lake-side golf course estate. It has a double garage, trellis porte-cochere, 5 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms, media room, family room, double-height entrance foyer and a fire-place in the formal lounge and dining rooms. Multiple forward gables, broken dutch-inspired hip roof lines and contrasting rough stonework on the entrance gable complete the street appeal of this understated home.

One high-wealth version is provided in this download. The building is inspired by real-life floor plans with modifications to enable it to function/be viewed in game.

The lot variations are 2x3, 3x2, 3x3 and 4x4 on all tilesets and all densities.

The values assigned to the models and lots have been created with the PIM-X and are suitable for both SC4 rush hour and CAM.

Dependencies (All of these McMansion Lots share identical dependencies)


BSC Mega Props CP Vol01.dat

BSC Mega Props SG Vol01.dat

BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Vol01.dat

BSC TexturePack Cycledogg V01b

BSC Essentials

Thanks to my team-mates for advice and testing. I hope you enjoy this file.


cronop44 Thanks 2017-09-04
rummtata You make growing low density zones for those ridiculously rich sims much more fun =) 2015-03-24
jeffabes I\'ve had a few of these pop up in my latest city. They\'re a nice alternative to nothing but Maxis Victorian Mansion after Maxis Victorian Mansion. Thanks for making this one! 2013-04-27
JayStimson You definitely make the best R$$$ homes around. Just beautiful. 2012-05-18
Paulo Renato great house 2011-12-11
Bigcheese1011 Nice homes. Now if only i can live in one of these homes that you build 2011-07-14
Jerry327 This whole collection is great! Awesome work! 2011-06-02
CVW1 Wow he does awesome work. Keep up the good work. 2010-11-07
sejr99999 thank you beautiful houses 2010-06-02
Aaron Graham Great Job!! 5/5 2010-06-01
Exodia the forbidden one i remember i saw a four story house that looked almost exactly like this one. It was in the mountains, off the side of a very seep cliff. it reminded me of Calvin and hobbes. 2010-03-07
TownMaster2005 Thanks for all the great houses. They are fantastic and will be looking good in my new cities. 10 stars all round. 2009-12-25
poop to much dependencies, but i LOVE all the other ones 2009-12-22
Minpin987 Keep \'em comin... they\'rrrrrrrr grrrreat! 2009-12-01
matt4936 I love the 4x4 version 2009-11-28
powerpill-pacman Thanks again for your great houses. 2009-11-27