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Creator: girafe Upload Date: 2009-12-15
Last Update: 2022-08-02 File Type: Plop
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UPDATE: 02.08.2022 for Project ZIP. Installer replaced with ZIP file and other housekeeping.
This is a pines set for the mayor menu, and that regroup 4 pines in differents versions: dead tree, summer and winter. You could find these creations in mayor mod at the end of the list.
The trees are :

- Grand fir
- Large European Spruce
- Serbian Spruce

For LOTters, these pines are available in Lot Editor Flora Section's, under the name: TSC_Grfe_wp_...


Disasterjunkie I'm new at simcity4. I'm downloading this bc It is required for some buildings from the simotropolis website that I liked. Thank you for all of your hard work. Maybe in the future, when I get a better idea of all these mods; I can contribute as well. Once again, tk 4 all your hard work. 2020-01-26
Needevidence Realistic. 2011-09-30
Mulu2065 So nice. 2011-07-21
Mas71 They are so beatiful! Thank you Girafe =) 2010-09-15
kimcar Excellent work my friend Thanks 2009-12-15
jacqulina wonderfull thnks 2009-12-15
SimNation Nicely done I plan to use the snowed ones and the dead ones for my mountains 2009-12-15
Quesh Wouhou, good job ! 2009-12-15
osa1994 thank you! 2009-12-15
thingfishs these are some truly great looking trees, well done, your work is much appreciated 2009-12-15
Orange Very nice pack 2009-12-15