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The Mühleberg Nuclear Power Plant is located in the town Mühleberg in canton Berne, Switzerland. It's the oldest and smallest nuclear power plant in Switzerland, making it into the news now and then due to some malfunctions, which lead to several maintenance and repair sessions.

The power plant is driven by a boiling water reactor and doesn't have the typical cooling tower - all cooling is done via the Aare river, which runs through a nearby lake, the Wohlensee. It is owned by the BKW Energie AG, which got an unrestricted operation license recently, so the power plant surely will stay for another few years.

This download contains two different lots, one lager 9x21 lot that features the main reactor building, plus the adjacent support buildings, designed after the real power plant. For those who don't have enough space, a smaller 9x7 lot with only the reactor building was included as well, which has similar properties as the large version.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- BSC Mega Prop Pack Cycledogg
- SFBT Essentials


Stormscape Love this BAT, been using it in many cities for several years now 2018-03-11
snoopino ottimo, grazie :) 2015-03-30
massy55 da provare 2013-05-06
tekket great 2012-09-29
Mulu2065 Best Plant I have ever seen. Thanks. 2011-07-20
mastarick i (still) love nuclear power plants :> 2011-03-21
Aliktren Very nice, really looks like a large scale site, much more realistic than the defaults 2011-01-12
RBC Looking awesome! Large (=realistic looking) powerplants are indeed needed. Thx, Andreas! 2010-01-19
sdrls Ich Liebe! 2010-01-11
bblubb Wow! A great sight and realistic size. 2010-01-08
couchpotato Very nice with good details...thanks for sharing 2009-12-27
chibytuga Awesome! 2009-12-26
Framly 2009-12-26
SimNation Very nice! I remember seeing you post a picture of your work on this waaay back thought you had decided not to publicly release it or you canned it altogether. Great to see its release. 2009-12-25