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Creator: gottago Upload Date: 2009-12-25
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
Views: 7514 Category: Commercial
Last Downloaded: 2023-03-11 Downloads: 5439


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No. 2-10 Hohenzollernring stands on a prominent location at Rudolfplatz in Cologne, and is typical of the boxy, low-rise commercial buildings built in postwar Germany. This is my second BAT and, with the VHS Building, the second in this Cologne commercials series. The curious rooftrack and corner "ears" are window-cleaning equipment. As the BAT fills an entire 2x4 W2W corner lot, there are no dependencies. Two versions of the lot will be installed: a growable 4x2 CS stage 6, and a ploppable LM CS with jobs.


logician @gottago Are your lots CAMpatible by any chance? Seeing that they\'ve been released by the beginning of 2010, I\'m kinda hoping you were using PIM-X or something similar when creating these files? *crosses fingers* 2011-08-17
sejr99999 thank you nice looking building like the night lights 2010-07-21
cammo2003 Another one for my suburan centres. Great that there\'s no dependencies, too! 2010-05-12
City Builder I love these 60\'s style buildings, they\'re great additions to our cities. Thanks for sharing. 2010-03-20
Floekr Great job 2010-03-14
T Wrecks *sniff* Yet another building from my home town... it\'s so odd when you see the real thing so often, and now you can have it in game. Thanks a bunch! :o) 2010-01-22
shanicus Great! And, no dependencies... Love it! Thanks a lot! 2010-01-18
machado1 An upload here actually with no dependencies? I love you![2] 2010-01-16
der_gammler very nice. That\'s pretty good for my german looking town 2010-01-04
kwakelaar This is a beautiful bat, thanks a lot. 2010-01-03
mattb325 Great work - thanks! 2009-12-28
kendiecasttsoi An upload here actually with no dependencies? I love you! 2009-12-28
palmtown Nice! Thank you so much !! :D 2009-12-26
SimNation Very nicely done. I love low-mid-rise buildings the best since there are so few released. 2009-12-26
thingfishs a really great creation that is not done justice by these photos. Love your work gottago, you\'re helping to make cities more real. BAT number 2! 2009-12-25