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These are the follow up to the version of power poles, made for Three Rivers Region. That version was a flora plop, modded by dedgren. While that gave them remarkable versatility in their placement, they lacked one feature that a power pole probably ought to posess: the ability to conduct electricity. This version is lot based and will, when adjacent to a power source and plopped within four tiles of each other, conduct electricity across your map tile. They have a transparent base texture, and the models are small enough to allow ploppable flora to be plopped right up against their base, so they should be reasonably flexible. They can be plopped on pretty much any slope under 45 degrees. Additionally, one unavoidable side effect is that, since these poles are lot based, they will create sidewalks if plopped immediately adjacent to roads/streets/etc. To avoid that, just plop them at least one tile away.

A Cleanitol file has been included to help you remove the models that were previously on the 3RREX, but have now been packed into one single .dat. Make sure to run it, or you might end up with duplicated files, if you have downloaded dedgren's flora plop version.


AsimPika3172 Best poles ever! 2020-01-09
kdog3055 Great work guys. These give me good versatility in areas that are not flat. Perfect! 2012-06-30
omega_six keep work execellent 2012-02-01
sejr99999 thank you excellent idea well done 2011-05-10
Unassigned Very nice and also good that they do not require flat terrain! Thanks. 2011-03-18
Aaron Graham Great Job!!!!! 5/5 2010-12-24
denniTampan three thumbs up for you... ;D 2010-11-26
joshriddle577 Way better than the bulky huge ugly masts of Maxis power lines. Thanks! 2010-06-16
jacqulina thankyou 2010-04-06
magicman580 I Like It, But Where Are The LINES! And It Is Saying It Has NO POWER!!!! 2010-03-30
threestooges Glad to hear you all have been enjoying these. My compliments again to Casper for handling the modding of these too. -Oak: In theory it might be possible to t21 them in, similar to the palm trees in high wealth areas, but that goes far beyond what I\'m presently capable of. It\'s an idea for the future, I\'m just not sure how feasible it presently is. 2010-03-22
cwhtly Nice - Thanks! 2010-03-07
SCGOY I was looking for one of these- Thank you! 2010-03-06
Tenzwood oh b/w, 7/10 2010-03-04
Tenzwood These look very nice. Although we have something similar (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=776), those also conduct electricity 2010-03-04
Agent101 Great work, they will be very usefull. 2010-03-04
dwelln8hss32 You\'ve done it! Beautiful versatility. Perhaps in combination with dedgren\'s flora plops next to roads, these can be placed between urban areas, giving the illusion of a roadway grid? Thanks TS! 2010-03-03
Javascap A very usable offshoot from Pegasus\'s power conduits. *downloads* 2010-03-03
Tarkus These are absolutely incredible, and I\'ve wanted something like this for quite awhile. Thank you, Matt! 2010-03-03
ComputerGuy 5/5 Very good poles! I\'ll use these in my rural areas! 2010-03-03
Oak Very cool. But one suggestion - is it possible to make a version that is ploppable ON the road tile itself? Poles like these are typically placed only a few feet from the side of the blacktop. Of course, if that\'s not possible, obviously these are close enough. Thanks! 2010-03-03
jpc26 These look nice, thank you! 2010-03-03