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Creator: RippleJet Upload Date: 2010-03-19
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
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The Immortality Killer is a 11 lot with a purposely overhanging building.
When plopped next to another lot that has gone immortal,
the building of the Immortality Killer (which is a yellow bulldozer),
will interfere with the immortal lot, and thus give it a building again.
Once it's got a building, you will be able to bulldoze both of the lots, sharing that building.

You will find the Immortality Killer high up in the park menu.

Read the readme or visit the support thread for more information.


Kloudkicker Never thought I would need this, and when I did, it worked like a charm. More like a freaking magic charm. Thank you Ripple Jet, your Immortal to me. 2020-10-31
AsimPika3172 10000000000000000000000000% awesome plugin! 2018-11-17
serpe23 It works!! Thank you and great upload... 2018-11-11
Skematica OOPS. No Mac version :( 2017-08-10
sejr99999 thank you this has been in all my plugins folders as a core item very useful must have item 2017-04-18
Disasterjunkie nice, i was deleting my entire map just to get rid of these buildings. thank you. 2014-09-02
hoopdedoo That %#&&! thing is finally gone! Thank you RippleJet! 2014-03-07
takashi8000 Thank you s0000000000000000000 much! 2013-08-30
Sim.Rico today is 02/26/2013 and I have contended with this issue since 2006! THANK YOU! Finally I have a way to remove those pesky immortal plops that wont go away when I tried to bulldoze them. 2013-02-26
rajpoot good 2012-12-23
boisemetro Excellent! Thank you 2012-11-13
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-02
rathefalcon Brilliant! Thanx a ton! 2011-09-05
takitaka The country of Freeland thanks you a lot for this great add ! 2011-08-19
Mocha2007 YES!!! 2011-07-12
delta9 I must say, this is genius. Leave it to Tage :P 2011-06-23
sim_vern While I have no use for it right now, I will store it for when I do! Great idea! 2011-05-02
wwebber Great, genius idea; however, a 2.7 MB zip for a 39 KB lot??? 2011-04-22
willeone I always have the \"Immortality\" problem! Thanks! 2011-02-27
mjj911 sweet 2010-09-16
TheBlackGhost The other way to get rid of immortal dead lots is to place a park or any building over it, which cancels it out, then you can delete the park/rezone. But I like the mod, so thanks 2010-09-03
nichter85 hi RJ, I like to thank you for this brilliant tool. such a simple and effective way to get rid of these immortals. One building - a ploppable diagonal w2w- was causing this immortality problem over and over again. i used to save my cities before plopping them and when they turned to immortals i restarted the game. i also had annoying immortality lots from demolishing buildings, e. g. a 6x6 landmark lot. now all the problems are gone! thanks again. you rock!! 2010-08-27
Huston I have always been able to get rid of them. It took me awhile to do so, like burning them with fire, over and over, and then zoning over it, de-zoning and then plopping what I wanted there. 2010-08-10
Aldini10 Finally! The stupid lot will go away! Thanx a LOT! 2010-07-25
sejr99999 thank you this really works and has removed more than one annoyance 2010-07-24
X9319 The 593,000 inhabitants of Becholmstein thank you, RippleJet. 2010-07-06
prancertoo In the past I have had to delete whole cities because of an annoying immortal... never again thanks to this! YOU SO ROCK! Thank you! 2010-04-28
RippleJet <b>Duvad</b>: I\'ve heard and seen such cases before, and I\'m pretty sure the building in that case is a prop. Why it wouldn\'t bulldoze with the lot, is something I haven\'t figured out yet though, and it\'s never happened to me. If you\'d have some more information about it (picture, lot/building name, etc.), please feel free to post about it in <a href=http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=10434.0><b>this support thread</b></a>. 2010-04-10
Duvad I had an immortal building (lot is demolished fine but building remains), and this doesn\'t seem to remedy that.:( Or does it work and I\'m not using it correctly? 2010-04-04
City Builder Wow, thank you very much. This year was the first time that I experienced these immortal lots and couldn\'t for the life of me figure out how I was going to get rid of them. It was downright annoying, now I\'ll be able to remove them all. Thanks ever so much for creating this 2010-03-31
ironmaiden You sir, are a GENIUS 2010-03-25
SC4inTx Brilliant! Works great. Got rid of 2 immortals in the blink of an eye. 2010-03-22
ndnpride07 OH THANK YOU!!!! 2010-03-22
hmm How do you people think of this stuff? This is the best invention since the internet (and maybe linux if people are into it)! 2010-03-22
pressus haha I was waiting for it for many weeks to destroy one terrible lot in my game, so very thanks to RJ for suprise like that Killer :-) 2010-03-22
sejr99999 thank you have this problem in a few places now have a cure great idea! 2010-03-21
SoulChaser Good you loaded it up. Thank you again, for your help. 2010-03-21
calibanx Wow, your timing is perfect. I need this. You\'re a life saver. Thank you. 2010-03-20
Total Casual nice stuff. i\'ve this one trainstation that likes to become immortal, good to be able to eliminate \'em. 2010-03-20
Officer Martin It works perfectly !! Cheers a lot mate !! 2010-03-20
Liggle-Hayzitt very very useful!! now I can sleep quietly without the harrowing nightmare of the immortal building. Hallelujah!!! 2010-03-20
Livin in Sim You\'ve caused some quite religious experiences for some, so I will add, \"Bless you, my good man!\" 2010-03-20
Liggle-Hayzitt very very useful!! now I can sleep quietly without the harrowing nightmare of the immortal building. Hallelujah!!! 2010-03-20
skyhigh Wonderful work, don\'t have to start all my cities again!! 2010-03-20
Joelyboy911 You are a genius. 2010-03-20
driftmaster07 YES! THANK THE LORD GOD! Not to be a pun since you used it to buldoze a cathedral, but yeah. :D Ive had it a few times and it has caused many a re-try of my citites. THANKS SO MUCH! 5/5 2010-03-19
lescoseoul yeah! you know what, i got this problem few time, what a wonderfull job, thanks for sharing 2010-03-19
Schulmanator What an awesome idea. YOU ROCK! 2010-03-19
cubby420 Wow! What a useful tool. I\'ve never experienced the immortal lot problem (blind luck?), but others have and it will be nice to have a tool for such such a concern. 2010-03-19
JKM123 Hallelujah! I can finally kill that immortal McDonalds ;D 2010-03-19
SimNation Thank god...this is something that was dreadfully needed. 2010-03-19
Glazert Wonderful idea. Death to immortality! 2010-03-19