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Creator: NAM Team Upload Date: 2010-05-09
Last Update: 2011-09-20 File Type: NAM Plugin Files
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Last Downloaded: 2013-07-16 Downloads: 36283


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This file has been locked, as the Network Widening Mod is now included out of the box with the Network Addon Mod (NAM) itself. You can pick up the latest NAM release here .

We will not be unlocking this file, as it is no longer needed. Its continued presence is mainly to redirect users who may have followed links from elsewhere toward the NAM with the integrated NWM.


Tarkus As this plugin has been merged into the Network Addon Mod itself, where it is available as an option on the installer, this file is locked. 2013-08-20
doyoxz tank\'s 2013-08-05
artan07 whre 2013-07-09
lovelluu thank 2013-06-22
C.Scott I won\'t be using the latest NAM version because of unresolvable issues with the new NAM. 2013-04-24
Alfins good 2013-04-03
ribon93 thanks 2013-04-02
kratuak ... 2013-04-01
shokiflor lol 2013-03-20
shokiflor lol 2013-03-20
SevenTenths q 2013-03-14
NAM Team The reason it\'s locked is because the new version is already included out of the box with the new NAM. We won\'t be unlocking it. 2013-03-09
Promptard Download locked :( 2013-03-09
UqiSylune no download wtf 2013-03-09
patfirefghtr So Love this and any thing that is done by NAM team......... 2013-02-13
patfirefghtr So Love this and any thing that is done by NAM team......... 2013-02-13
patfirefghtr So Love this and any thing that is done by NAM team......... 2013-02-13
rjamesp thank you so much! :D 2013-01-14
khavatrri 2012-12-19
lalovc es muy bueno gracias!! 2012-07-21
mysiri WTA. For neighbor connector, there is no pedestrian walk on that. Can anyone tell how to make the pedestrian walk exist? 2012-06-23
portomapfre Yes!!! 2012-03-15
apesfiu thanks 2012-02-08
Windows 2012-01-29
sevoneg Great! 2012-01-19
O.Kosh Thank you!!! 2011-12-29
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-17
archkorn Thank you! 2011-12-11
patfirefghtr OMG ty~~~~~ 2011-12-06
singh nice work 2011-11-28
jordandaniel i like THE NAM TEAM AND THEIR CREATIONS! 2011-11-27
Highstorm Interesting mod =D 2011-11-19
suzghy Thank you :) 2011-11-05
CityDog17 Thanks a bunch! Been looking forward to this update. 2011-10-19
Corndead Thank you very much! 2011-10-16
more3118 This game is awesome but U guy made it into Something U can LOVE no home XD ***** out of 5 stars 2011-10-12
Ioseph thanks 2011-10-10
jangyu Many Thanks! 2011-10-06
NielsC NAM: The creators of Simcity 5 2011-10-03
blebell never used this or the NAM I hope I can master it as it sounds brilliant thank you 2011-09-30
ralds Hebat lah 2011-09-20
Ioseph Thanks 2011-09-19
simlove Thank you :) 2011-09-18
senseisan mantab ....good work NAM ...you had very dedicated for simcity 4...so SC4 never DIE because you...:) 2011-09-18
dwelln8hss32 Thanks for another epic release!! 2011-09-17
Gringamuyloca Thank you! Thank You! 2011-09-16
Tarkus Mulu2065: The CP trees are not part of the mod. They were part of a T21 \"experiment\" that hasn\'t been released. 2011-09-16
WilliamKing What an exciiiiiiiiiiiiting new version!!!!!!!!!!! 2011-09-16
Mulu2065 I am highly disappointed in how long it takes just to make a diagonal, but hey, at least you can make one. Now what I am pi*sed of about is where the hell are the CP trees on the TLA-6? That\'s what I was excited about! WHERE! 2011-09-16
hashan_lanka you guys have really out done yourselves this time! 2011-09-16
basileus Finally is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2011-09-15
Mulu2065 AAAAAHHH! I love it! 2011-09-15
Karlito4 finally i waited for a long time 2011-09-15
kasanawi sip, makasih 2011-09-12
flucasg tanxsss 2011-09-07
Oakcity Hey, I have a problem! When I plop a starter piece, a segment turns invisible, except on the map? What do I do? 2011-09-06
Bullstilts Im logged in and I STILL CANT SEE THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON :/ 2011-08-28
AlexMedows Nicely :) 2011-06-12
Tarkus exannuc: You need to have SC4 Deluxe or SC4 with the Rush Hour Expansion pack. Attempting to use it with unexpanded SC4 will cause the game to crash. 2011-06-07
exannuc does this work an simcity 4 original? 2011-06-04
007angelfire dd 2011-05-18
marcos2topete yo soy adicto a sim city 4 y les agradesco mucho por esta modificasion 2011-04-17
AndyCamaro Just.... excellent. 2011-03-11
Shimadu good mod 2011-03-05
sejr99999 thank you this game gets better every year thanks to people like you 2010-12-15
Rebs07 This is an awesome creation I\'ve used it already and it really helps out so much in dense areas, especially with the high wealth residential ones instead of dozing the roads I just use this. Which makes this a must have. Thank you so very much. 2010-12-01
mikeld When are you going to create roundabouts for rail? 2010-09-29
mjj911 good job thanks a 6.5xE27 2010-09-16
eriktorres With that release, there\'s no need to use Cities XL (by the way, i didn\'t like it so much because it hasn\'t terraforming tool). 2010-09-08
Murdock813 Hwy, first up, the NWM is a great addition to the game. I like it a lot. I\'m still having some problems though. For example after using the TL-pieces the traffic lights are reversed at intersections (i.e. they show up at the opposite side of the intersection, so not in front but behind it) Is there a way to fix that? Thanks in advance! 2010-08-18
Tarkus uae27: If you\'re getting that message, you\'ve got an outdated NAM Controller sitting in your Plugins somewhere. See the NAM FAQ on the forums for more details. 2010-08-16
uae27 wow now that took a long time......well now i know you always have to read! =[ and also what is a placement string??? it says that i need one to place the new roads??? can anyone help?? please 2010-08-15
Aldini10 DOWNLOAD NOW!!!! 2010-08-15
Aldini10 UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! 2010-08-15
littlemeowmeowcat But Mave-6 can\'t turn,and waiting for the tunnel 2010-08-12
sourdeaux Now cities are going to be much more realistics than ever before 2010-08-05
sourdeaux Amazing, after three-year wait, it\'s finally here!! 2010-08-05
littlemeowmeowcat I have enough vehicle lines now 2010-07-26
littlemeowmeowcat I have enough vehicle lines now 2010-07-26
tclc2004 THANK YOU 2010-07-25
spgub this really helped my struggling city! thanks 2010-07-16
rjamesp WOW! I LOVE YOU! gooosssshhh ive been playign this game for 3 years and i havent fed up with this game. !!! :D THANKS!!! 2010-07-16
CityDog17 Neat! Thanks a bunch. Just signed on for 1rst time in weeks looking for problem solution and just happened to see this. NWM is something I daydreamed about and now - ITS HERE. Thank you!!! 2010-07-09
xxVxLCxMxx TANK U SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! 2010-07-03
vendetta007.mike Please! How to change those sidewalk stone textures? I want the ordinary ones! Thank you! 2010-06-30
Aa51132155 2010-06-18
alina2004 you guys are geniuses....you make the game live forever....I am almost glad stupid EA is not making a new version of SimCity because who knows if or how many of this amazing work would be compatible.... 2010-06-06
magicman580 IT IS SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOS..... EPIC!!!!!! I Knew You Can Do This!!! 2010-06-04
Tarkus torontomapleleafer: There\'s either still something sitting in there that is conflicting with your NWM installation, or you\'re missing the Locale file. 2010-05-30
FinallyHere Thanks!!! I Hope It\'s Works Well... 2010-05-28
torontomapleleafer Tarkus, for the life of me, I can not get the Network Widening Mod to work, I have used Cleanitol, deleted the previous NAM version using the uninstaller, Reinstalled everything about 5 times now. Still no luck. I STILL get the \"##Intersection placement string missing##\". I can\'t figure out what freaking NAM files are screwing with this mod! Can you help me please? I\'m going insane here, been waiting for this EPIC mod for months and now I can\'t seem to get it to work.... Other than that, 11/10 stars from me. 2010-05-25
mattb325 Brilliant! 2010-05-23
Rebs07 Omg, I absolutely love NWM, its soo totally awesome, I have used it already and the things it does is just so amazing. Thank you so very much NAM team for letting me use this. 2010-05-21
delta9 EFFING GLORIOUS VALHALLA OF SC4 Thank you so much for all of the hard work that was put into this. Now I shall put hard work into trying to break it >D I\'m truly amazed... and I haven\'t even used it yet! 2010-05-20
gua_silphi thx a lot 2010-05-18
Tarkus olegario39: Delete any 2009 NAM files you have--they are not compatible with the NWM and are the entire source of your problem. 2010-05-18
olegario39 theres something wrong! i cant plop any starter pieces. it says there: #key missing# or something like that. i downloaded the RHW 4.0 and the NAM 2010. but the NAM coexists with the NAM 2009. the problem is, i got the 2009 version compressed with all other plugin files. is this ok? 2010-05-17
Abilio1 Very, Very gooooood! Each time more real! 2010-05-17
Total Casual so using this you can select where roads and avenues will have turning lanes? That\'s pretty nuts, impressive! 2010-05-16
Tommy83 IT\'S HERE!! awesome work guys! Thank you so much!!! 2010-05-15
simlove Thankyou NAM team 2010-05-14
Minpin987 Looks AWESOME! Can\'t wait to try it out! Thanks! 2010-05-12
io_bg Awesome! 2010-05-12
surreysam Great job on the mod. 2010-05-11
raymagnum It has a few little glitches but this is the best thing Ive seen come out in awhile! It is only going to get better! 2010-05-11
raymagnum It has a few little glitches but this is the best thing Ive seen come out in awhile! It is only going to get better! 2010-05-11
Aldini10 Oops, terribly sorry. 2010-05-11
Aldini10 2010-05-11
Aldini10 2010-05-11
Aldini10 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! 2010-05-11
CityMaster23 FFFFFFIIIIIINNNNAAAAALLLLLYYYY!!!!!!!!!! 2010-05-10
Lucien wonderful, I waited it for months and months ! Thank you very much ! 2010-05-10
earwaxman WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! 2010-05-10
Tarkus Carny and qtech, you\'ve got some outdated NAM files laying around that are conflicting with your new installation and the NWM. Make sure you\'ve removed everything outdated. 2010-05-10
XAVERIOS Amazing job! Thanks! I had problems, deleted NAM folder and installed everything back, and worked! 2010-05-10
Aaron_Graham Thankyou NAM team.5/5 2010-05-10
Gringamuyloca Thanks for sharing this with the \'community\'! We are lucky to encounter such people to give their time and effort freely! 2010-05-10
hmm You guys not be aware of this but your team just created sim city 5. Or at least sc4.99999 with this release. 2010-05-10
Carny Same as qtech: not working here, i get the following message \"Intersection placement string missing \" too. How to fix this? 2010-05-10
NewEra Thank You Very Much!!!!!! Thanks God it\'s finally here! 2010-05-10
qtech Huh ? not working here, i get the following message \"Intersection placement string missing \" i also installed the newest NAM may version... what gives ? 2010-05-10
Elvis81 Finally it\'s out!!! Thank you very much!!! I have wait for this mod a long time... :) 2010-05-10
Carny yeahh! :D Thanks guys!!!! 2010-05-10
rsdworker its great to know that i wanted this thank you 2010-05-10
XAVERIOS Guys, u did an excellent job. Thanks a million! Once concern, after plopping wide curves got colored squares instead of getting the sharp piece. I did upgrade to NAM2010. Help on that. 2010-05-09
cubby420 Oh my its here! And I\'m no where near my sc4 computer...clearly I suck... 2010-05-09
bobthebobthe THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2010-05-09
jish759 i\'ve waited soooooooo long for this!!!!!! 2010-05-09
firefightertl57 well...My night is shot now...and tomorrow because I will be on simcity all night and will probably pass out infront of the comp. 2010-05-09
ComputerGuy Finally! 2010-05-09
JKM123 Yay! This is awesome! I logged in and I was like yes!! btw, i\'m canyonjumper ;D 2010-05-09
sepen77 OWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2010-05-09
ruste200 OH MY GOD!!!! I DON\'T BELIVE! 2010-05-09
ruste200 OH MY GOD!!!! I DON\'T BELIVE! 2010-05-09
TJ1 Im still in shock 2010-05-09
Exodia the forbidden one FINALLY!!! Haha! 2010-05-09
starfinder9659 OOO I dont know what to say!!! 2010-05-09
RickD This is EPIC! 2010-05-09
Swiss Giraffe fabulous thanks to NAM team and associates !! 2010-05-09
timmystwin wow, now i know why the LEX is slow. Cant wait to try it. 2010-05-09
Cyclone-1001 Fantastic! I\'ve been looking forward to this since I found out about it. 2010-05-09
jack_wilds OMG the day I have been waiting for... thank you so much... although I still miss mom; I\'ve a new toy play with... 2010-05-09
Xtra Cash This is great! It adds much more realism to the game. I can\'t wait to try this out! 2010-05-09
Pauleta oh my GOD! finally =D 2010-05-09
art128kan Awesome !!! 2010-05-09
alexr19 Amazing! I just randomly reloaded the LEX page and there this was! Brilliant work. 2010-05-09