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Creator: cogeo Upload Date: 2010-05-25
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I made this BAT as an alternative, for use with the Census Repository Query, finding the two original buildings not easy to blend in my cities, architecturally. So I elected to make a more conventional civic BAT. In addition, this one becomes available early on (4000 C+I pop), without having to nearly hit a cap first, or having to plop a building that lifts I-Ag caps, in a city where you don't want agricultural development.

The BAT depicts a real building, although the sides and the back are completely fictional (the real one is W2W). The figure on the pediment is Hermes (Mercury), ancient greek god of communication and commerce. As its name denotes, it houses the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a business association in my home city.

The lot provides civic jobs and has a mild landmark effect, but does not raise demand caps, or affect gameplay in any other way. It is conveniently sized 2x3.

The pack is translated to French, German, Dutch, Danish and Swedish (in addition to English). The game will choose the language automatically.

Note: After completing the installation, remember to REMOVE one of the two model files. There are two versions of the building BAT, one with the inscription (title) in Greek (original) and another one in English. Only one may be installed.

Lot Stats
Lot size 2x3
Plop Cost $8000
Bulldoze Cost $1100
Monthly Cost $160
Requirements (Reward) 4000 C+I city population
Jobs ($/$$/$$$) 8/11/5
Landmark Effect/Radius 45/20
Power Consumed 20 MWh/mo
Water Consumed 30 cu.m/mo
Garbage Produced 7 tons/mo
Pollution (Air/Water) 1/1 over 2/2 radius

- Kudos to RippleJet for the Census Repository Query
- Special thanks to Andreas, catty, Girafe, RippleJet, tag_one, turtle and WC_EEND for their translations
- Many thanks to Rayden and thingfishs for their model suggestions
- Many thanks to all members who have provided help, comments, reviews and suggestions in the preview thread

- Census Repository Facility (only the query datfile is required for this lot)
- CSX MEGA Props - Vol02


Fin44850 What an awesome piece of work -- nice job! 2021-12-17
sejr99999 thank you I like both versions so I will keep both but in separate plugins folders 2017-04-18
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-13
dwelln8hss32 This is great. Our first Chamber of Commerce for Sim City! I\'ve been waiting for a CoC quite a while. Excellent work! 2010-06-12
cogeo @Bowlnmike: thanks for your nice comments! There is currently no spanish translation, because no spanish-speaking member offered to provide it. If are willing to translate this, here is the translations thread: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=10703.0 I would gladly include it in the pack. 2010-06-03
Bowlnmike Very good! Thanks for the hard work! 2010-06-02
Bowlnmike What about translations into spanish? 2010-06-02
TheFourthDoctor Simple and elegant. Thank you. 2010-05-30
yysdu It is very nice 2010-05-29
Mas71 Sounds good HD-building. and thank you good Lot with additionals as C.R.Q 2010-05-27
Sotireus GREAT!!! i epigrafi einai ola ta lefta! 2010-05-26
girafe Excellent cogeo thanks for this nice addition ;) 2010-05-26
couchpotato Thanks for the lovely building 2010-05-26
CaptCity Like the more \"civic\" look also. Thanks for this! 2010-05-25
Total Casual Wow, thanks a lot. Very nice building-and it definitely blends in better with my cities as well. 2010-05-25
RippleJet Thanks for this, cogeo! :) 2010-05-25
Schulmanator Very nice idea. I would like to see other buildings in the same style. 2010-05-25