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Creator: Joelyboy911 Upload Date: 2010-05-27
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
Views: 7132 Category: Landmarks - Functional
Last Downloaded: 2023-05-28 Downloads: 3395


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This building is based on the large Air New Zealand Engineering Services hangar at Auckland Airport in Auckland, New Zealand. In real life the hangar is used for servicing of Air New Zealand's Boeing long-haul jets such as the 777 and 747. In the game, it is a ploppable I-HT lot, found at the top of the Airport Menu. The lot is set up so that a plane (Boeing 777) is showing in the hangar during the day, but at night the workers go home and shut-up shop. As this lot has I-HT jobs, it requires road access. An EyeCandy lot is also included. This lot has the doors of the hangar always shut and it does not require road access.

NB - The set up of the timed props on the Ploppable I-HT lot means that a slight glitch occurs because the shadow of the day version remains at night. This causes a shadow from the tail of the 777 to be visible despite the absence of the plane itsself. It only affects one viewing angle.


  • PEG CC Car Cluster Mod
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    Ioseph thanks 2011-12-22
    hanselvictor good 2011-06-24
    zachster007 WOW! Very nice. 2010-06-15
    bob56 very nice! Looks Great! 2010-05-30
    adroman Very nice work, Joel! The time and effort that went into this is certainly worth it! 2010-05-27
    Koekie01 Indeed, finally! ;-) When will the no-ANZ-version be online? (A) Good work! 2010-05-27
    [Delta ²k5] Finally. :P Nice work! 2010-05-27
    Tommy83 Very good. Love it! :) 2010-05-27
    Agent101 nice work, good to see some more airport stuff. 2010-05-27