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Creator: Joelyboy911 Upload Date: 2010-06-16
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
Views: 6891 Category: Transport - Air
Last Downloaded: 2023-05-15 Downloads: 2891


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This package contains Mayor-mode ploppables (flora menu) Airbus A300 aircraft, as well as Lot Editor props of the same models. You can use the MMP on RMIP taxiways, runways as well as most other airport surfaces. The MMPs are plopped using the multi-click method, meaning that clicking repeatedly in one spot will give you a different livery in each click. Once you have clicked through all the available liveries in one of the two click-chains, a blank model will appear, meaning that if you make a mistake in plopping the planes, you can clear the area without bulldozing the whole lot. The planes will not always appear on the desired rotation. At times they will be perpendicular to the direction of the taxiway. If you want to be precise in placing the planes, please take advantage of the included props, that can be added to a lot in Lot Editor. Lots with jetways and ground-servicing equipment will be available soon.


tarmiji thanks 2011-11-13
djedu can you make a parking A300 pack? 2011-03-04
djedu what is MMP? 2011-03-04
heitomat This is truly amazing and saves me a lot of LE-time. Thanks a lot for sharing! 2010-11-03
as97ir when will it be lotted and when the boeing 777 pack is comming out i am egar to wait!! thanks though for this wonderful download 2010-07-14
Exodia the forbidden one brilliant! 2010-06-23
bobthebobthe THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2010-06-18
Aldini10 Well done. 2010-06-18
jack_wilds ...a long time happening now coming to a sim-city airport near me...thanks scag 2010-06-17
emgmod This will fit perfectly with my Nuclear Starbucks! Thanks! 2010-06-17
benelux Wow! This is great, thanks! 2010-06-17
jdenm8 It\'s out! It\'s out at last! Thankyou! 2010-06-17
emgmod This will fit perfectly with my Nuclear Starbucks! Thanks! 2010-06-17
frankwhite YES!!!!!! 2010-06-16