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A BAT loosely inspired by the simple and elegant early 20th Century Hospital in Canadaigua, New York.

Opened in September 1904 on North Main Street thanks to the benevolence of Mary Clark Thompson, the F.F. Thompson Hospital had 32 beds, 6 members of Medical Staff and 17 employees. During its first year of operation, 297 people received treatment at this facility.

Between 1907 and 1976 it underwent ten additional renovations and extensions (not represented by this BAT) to accomodate some extra 200 beds. The extensions and remodelling largely obliterated all of the original features of the building.

As the hospital continued to grow, it was extended to land on nearby Parrish Street in the 1970s.

During the 1990s the bulk of the hospital operations moved to newly re-built and extended facilities on Parrish street. The rear of the original building is still visible on present day Wilcox lane (just off North Main Street).

This BAT is designed to be placed on a corner lot and shares most statistics with the in-game Hospital, however, patient capacity is increased to 5,000 and the coverage radius is 1,000 tiles (compared to the ingame hospital of 3,000 and 800 tiles respectively).

The values assigned to the models and lots have been created with the PIM-X and are suitable for both SC4 rush hour and CAM.



BSC Mega Props CP Vol01.dat

BSC CP Prop Pack 2009a.dat

BSC Essentials

Thanks to my team-mates in the BSC for their support, feedback and testing. Thanks to Jeronij for SC4Devotion.

I hope you enjoy this file!


cronop44 Thanks 2017-09-03
rummtata Beautiful, fitting for medium or high wealth suburbs =) 2015-03-22
Phunkadelic77 Wow cool. I live like 25 minutes from Canadaigua, NY.. I am in Rochester! You should do a BAT of the George Eastman House (a Photography Museum that occupies the old home of Kodak pioneer; George Eastman) I love your work and have accumulated quite a bit of your awesome Lots! 2013-07-29
ggross1962 I live in Rochester, NY & this was a pleasant surprise to see. Thank You! 2012-12-12
TownMaster2005 A great addition to our cities. 2010-06-28
sejr99999 thank you an attractive hospital with very useful stats nice addition to our choices for civic bldgs 2010-06-27
slydishere Thank you. 2010-06-27
jack_wilds this is a rather interesting structure... sensibilities of those days gone by sure differ from the norm today -in design and function, wonder what they were thinking sometimes... thanks for sharing 2010-06-26