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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007-02-10
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Maxis Plopable Flora and props 1

This set will allow you to plop all the original Maxis trees, bushes and rocks from you mayor mode menu. Quite easy to use. The trees appear fully grown and ca be used at any height. Some of them underwater too.

There are 9 plopable single props mods:
Maxis Burnt tree
Maxis Large Decisious 1
Maxis Large Decisious 2
Maxis Large Palm
Maxis Large Pine
Maxis no-tp Pine
Maxis Street tree one
Maxis Street tree two
Maxis Street tree three

And 6 scrubs (which plop randomly different models) mods
Maxis bushes scrub
Maxis flowers scrub
Maxis Oak scrub
Maxis Pine scrub
Maxis Rocks scrub medium ( also underewater plopable)
Maxis Rocks scrub small ( also underewater plopable)

Each mod comes in a single file, this way you can easily install or remove the models you want from your menu. Just copy the dat files you want to use, or delete the files you dont want to use. Custom descriptions and icons are also included.

The mod is fully compatible with all other known Mayor mode trees/props including Cycledogg�s trees.

If you used the plopable trees in your cities, and you plan to remove the mod, make sure to bulldoze all the ploped trees before uninstalling the mod. If you dont do it so, the game may crash.


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Masochist Thank you, Jeronij! I keep seeing this in other people\'s pictures but I could never find it. Now I can try it out for myself...yes! 2007-02-10