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Creator: xxdita Upload Date: 2010-08-20
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
Views: 8256 Category: Mods - General
Last Downloaded: 2022-07-04 Downloads: 5687


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This mod expands the RCI Demand Graph, from -10,000 to 50,000. It also increases the maximum growth rate to 52,000, in order to speed up the game a bit, provided you have enough demand, and the ability to handle it all. And to get your cities started faster, Initial Demand for R$, CS$, ID, and IR has been boosted to 500 each, to start out with a little more oopmh. Not recommended for systems that are already starting to smoke when you play the game. This mod has been tested extensively with CAM & SC4 Deluxe/Rush Hour, with no compatibility issues. If using CAM, the install path is very important, in order to load xx_turbo after CAM.


Servius GREAT!!!!!!!!!! 2014-08-17
rajpoot thanks 2012-11-27
vishals730 great 2012-04-18
bagusyuu This is awesome! Thanks a lot! 2012-03-10
patfirefghtr Nate thank you for your hard work on this my friend!! 2011-12-06
Jashann Thanks! 2011-11-24
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-16
Enlighthell I used to have this mod. Then I cleaned all my plugins folder. (10 gb) Now I have like 10 mods but this isn\'t working now :/ 2011-10-02
adamnaxcovo wtf 50 k..!!! 2011-08-28
dmust08 thx 2011-08-12
dellynyman thanks 2011-06-19
PCfreak50 thnx 2011-05-07
Kitsune finally something thats willing to use my 4.1 ghz quad nearly to the limit! :) 2011-03-19
keltot03 i cant find the xx turbo in my mayors mode...anyone can help?? 2011-02-12
MasterT82 Also, Thanks to you, my region was able to defeat the infamous Dr. Vu during battle. ~_~ 2010-11-01
MasterT82 Thanks to you, Krigger (Capital) has a total population of 1,000,000 Well-educated, healthy, safe, and entertained life style with 2.5 minute commute. ~_~ 2010-11-01
SimRisu Finally, now I can truly play SC4!! 2010-10-28
tums16 Thank...You! 2010-10-01
roe99 very great.. thank you very much i like it 2010-09-06
jongiks overjoyed! this is great! 2010-09-02
Aaron Graham Thanks!! 5/5 2010-09-02
CityDog17 Thanks a bunch. Hope my aging old PC can handle this! 2010-08-21
adrianor Lol, unfortunately my pc is kinda smoking when I play...I\'ll try this anyways. Thanks! 2010-08-20
seabrook500k Very nice! Unfortunately I will have to wait until I get a new computer, as I am surprised my current one hasn\'t started smoking yet.... 2010-08-20
Titanor I\'m gonna name my city \"XXditaTown\" for you. 2010-08-20
tioac Many thanks 2010-08-20
Mas71 It needed and helpful for me when I have a much of tests for some MODs. I\'d waiting for it long time. Thank you Nate =) 2010-08-20
z Very nice to have this publicly available! 2010-08-20
Aldini10 Excellent mod you\'ve created here, xxdita. I will download this and see what nice features it has. Thank you, I have not seen a mod in a while. 2010-08-20
caspervg Thanks Nate. Glad to see this released! 2010-08-20