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The Taxiway Marking Improvement Pack (TMIP) is designed to complement RMIP2 and greatly expand what is possible to do with the pavement for in-game airports. There are 114 different lots- 57 for both the light and dark taxiway pavement styles, divided into lead-out line expanders and taxiway expanders. Familiarity with RMIP2 SAE is essential to get the most from this. UDI enabled.

AC MEGA Textures Vol01
AC MEGA Props Vol02

Project lead, overlay textures, lots, and modding by fafalone.
Thanks Joel and the whole SCAG Team. Thanks to Voltaire and the Aerospace Consortium for their wonderful RMIP packages, which inspired this project and provided the base textures, a few overlays included to avoid excessive scrolling, and that nifty placement helper prop.


tarmiji THANKS 2011-11-12
NielsC My airport is now complete. I want very much that more of this where created. (im sorry but my English is not very good) 2011-04-01
djedu i know TMIP was TAXIWAY MARKING IMPROVEMENT PACK. but, what is RMIP? 2011-03-04
djedu thumbs up 2011-03-04
djedu o_O too fucking difficult 2011-03-04
firefightertl57 I wish I could use it. It crashes every time I try to use it!!!! 2010-12-25
Aldini10 This is great! 2010-10-23
banjo30 2010-10-06
RickD Oh wow, I have just mastered the old RMIP pieces. But I am up to the challenge. ;) 2010-10-06
jack_wilds 5/5 taxi clear 2010-10-05
riiga Very nice! Thanks! 2010-10-05