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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2010-12-01
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
Views: 8133 Category: Transport - Rail
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The SFBT Subway-Tram transition is a fully functional transition lot that converts subway traffic to tram/GLR traffic or vice versa. Unlike the existing NDEX transition lot, it uses NAM tram/GLR track textures for the transition.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials


dony83 Thanks for sharing... 2014-01-05
MrArtySim As someone has said, a version that works with left hand drive users would be good ... I would have then downloaded it and enjoyed it in my cities. 2013-02-18
rajpoot great 2012-11-21
zambini Supercool, thanks 2012-05-02
Computica I needed this! Thank you! 2012-04-28
FerC Thanks! 2012-02-09
tarmiji thanks 2012-01-08
Chris_Webb This does not support LHD. Would use it if it did. 2011-10-31
Ioseph thanks very useful 2011-09-22
AlbW thanks 2011-03-30
sim_vern Nicely done. 2011-03-29
mrdobalina another missing piece of the puzzle created (or found, from my point of view). Thanks a lot 2011-03-28
djedu u r german 2011-03-04
djedu i want this 2011-03-04
sejr99999 thank you a very useful and atttractive addition to transit systems 2011-02-04
ricardogtc merci 2011-01-22
heitomat Thank you for sharing, it looks great! Very nice lights as well. 2011-01-18
BusRocker Clean, simple & elegant. Perfect for downtown or the suburbs. Not to mention they look like the rail transit transitions in my city. Well done! 2010-12-18
Simbourgeois Very useful indeed! 2010-12-10
lorient Thank you for this, in France (Rouen City) the name of it it\'s the \" Trametro \" 2010-12-05
Young69 Man, thank you so much for this, cause the other method to enable transit for this was a shit, thanks, thanks thanks 2010-12-03
Glazert This will fit in nicely to tram systems 2010-12-02
mattb325 Brilliant! 2010-12-02
dazniniel Excelente....!!!! 2010-12-01
jack_wilds Thanks for sharing... 2010-12-01