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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2010-12-23
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
Views: 7572 Category: Rewards - General
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The original building of the Semperoper in Dresden, Germany, was erected by Gottfried Semper between 1838 and 1841. It burned down in 1869, and after building a provisional theater with simple materials, the reconstruction of the building started only two years later. Since Gottfried Semper was involved in the May Revolution in 1849, he had to flee into exile, so he delegated the reconstruction to his son Manfred. This second building was destroyed during the air raids in WWII in 1945. In 1977, it was decided to rebuilt the opera again after Semper's original design. This task was finally finished in 1985. The Semperoper can be found in the rewards menu. The rewards gets unlocked if you can attract more than 25,000 R- sims or once you have more than 100 SFBT growables in your city.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

BSC Prop Pack porkissimo Vol. 1
BSC Prop Pack porkissimo Vol. 2
BSC Textures Vol. 1
Opera House Fix


marcszar 2011-01-03
narkussos this is cooooolll! 2010-12-27
Simbourgeois Wunderbar! 2010-12-25
praiodan Due to massive performance problems in gmax it wasn\'t possible to add more lights at night. Callagrafx made it possible at all for the model to have some nightlighting, as my machine just couldn\'t handle it. 2010-12-25
rjamesp i wish you have added more lighting during the night 2010-12-25
Aaron Graham Great Job!!!! 5/5 2010-12-24
Odainsaker In Saxony, it was good to be the king, and we can now only imagine the charming grandeur of prewar Dresden. Thanks for bringing this great opera house to our cities. 2010-12-24
Allstillwell Wow.....amazing! 2010-12-24
dazniniel Inpresionante.....!!! 2010-12-24
mattb325 Absolutely beautiful. A truly quality model 2010-12-24
qpdla241 Deutsch Reich, Hurra! Wer ist der Kaiser Wilhelm Hooray! 2010-12-24
TownMaster2005 Stunning. Cannot say more that says it all. 2010-12-23
fernfishapeidiot Uploader of the month! 2010-12-23
sejr99999 thank you superb addition to the game an opera house that functions as an opera house is quite rare and will be much appreciated 2010-12-23
seven_sins wow wow wow wow, amazing work 2010-12-23
Duane1947 Wow...this is almost beyond beautiful....just WOW 2010-12-23