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Creator: wouanagaine Upload Date: 2007-01-14
Last Update: 2008-11-25 File Type: Tools - Player
Views: 40811 Category: Tools - Data Management
Last Downloaded: 2023-06-09 Downloads: 36366


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SC4DatPacker 2008 version

SC4DatPacker is a small utility that will make mega pack from your plugins subfolders.
In order to be up-to-date with the latest SC4 loading order and to speed up even more your loading time, SC4DP has been updated.
Please check the included readme.html for more informations


bhmantan Additional info for people that maybe will need this. Read the README that will show-up on the last panel when you install this app. And for the DLL files, at least for me, my windows 11 already has its own GdiPlus.dll, and the one that linked on the readme file is outdated, so I used the one that I found in my Windows>System32 folder 2022-10-23
dunzer Thank for this. Any chance this can be used at the command line or in a batch file to help automate the packing process? 2021-09-21
charle will be usefull 2021-06-10
charle will be usefull 2021-06-10
vasfv Thank you very much 2020-05-24
carlosmarcelo That's simple and useful! Thank you. 2020-03-02
miltonfriedman Ayleids - thanks for graciously sharing the DLL files with us! 2019-03-19
slystone2 Ayleids - thank you so much!! Turns out I was missing one of the three DLLs. I have Windows 10 64-bit, so I downloaded from your dropbox and copied it to the SysWOW64 folder - now it works like a charm. Thanks again! 2019-01-30
Ayleids If anyone needs the DLL files here they are<br /> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a5dw4xarh360rhj/AAAjVi5VwaT6BnOJMyD2Qfg8a?dl=0 2018-05-30
Ayleids If anyone needs the DLL files here they are<br /> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a5dw4xarh360rhj/AAAjVi5VwaT6BnOJMyD2Qfg8a?dl=0 2018-05-30
kakakiki Hi everyone. <br /> Just a personnal-based tip : instead of installing the 3 dll files in "system32", put them in "system". Worked for me. 2017-07-27
Dove_Angel_USA Thank you so much! :-) 2017-07-22
Tarkus Dove_Angel_USA: It'll cover at least MSVCP71.dll and MFC71.dll. Microsoft is notoriously opaque about just what is where, so I can't tell if GDIPLUS.dll is part of it. If you still get an error regarding GDIPLUS.dll after installing the .NET Framework SDK Version 1.1, GDIPLUS.dll can also be found here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=18909. 2017-07-22
Dove_Angel_USA Tarkus, will that replace all 3 .dll files listed in dependencies above? 2017-07-22
Tarkus Fakeusername: When this program was uploaded 9 years ago, the link in the readme did not attempt to charge $15 for the DLL file. That appears to be a more recent development that could not have been foreseen in 2008. The DLL files is from the Microsoft .NET Framework--my research seems to suggest the .NET Framework SDK Version 1.1. should have it.<br /> <br /> https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=16217 2017-07-19
Fakeusername Not working MSVCP71 dll Missing, Readme links to website where they expect you to pay $15 for the missing files. scam alert! 2017-07-18
tinso11 Sorry, y read de "readme"... i have de "dll" dependencies... but still not working and showing the errors in the readme 2017-05-13
DecoPlays Doesn't work for Windows 10... :/ 2016-11-20
Elnino Hi, this isn't working for me on my windows 10. I get this error:<br /> <br /> Traceback (most recent call last):<br /> File "datPacker.py", line 1, in ?<br /> File "datPackerApp.pyo", line 25, in ?<br /> File "win32ui.pyo", line 12, in ?<br /> File "win32ui.pyo", line 10, in __load<br /> ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found. 2016-10-01
Golhbul It doesnt work with my Windows :( 2016-03-12
Golhbul It doesnt work with my Windows :( 2016-03-12
Tarkus SamMunroe: I would indeed move the original files you DatPacked out of the Plugins folder, otherwise, it'll be loading everything twice and take longer to load. That said, I'd keep them safe, in case you run into any issues with your Plugins or need to update anything, so you can go back, fix things, and then DatPack again. 2015-08-12
SamMunroe Wbere should I put the mods and the trash files? Should they just be temporarily moved out of the plugins folder? 2015-08-08
Tarkus instilation00: If you\'re referring to JDatPacker, it already is done as is <a href=http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3140>available for download on the LEX.</a> 2015-02-04
instilation00 When will the new packer be done? 2015-02-03
federico87 thanks :) 2014-08-25
caspervg @bitsaul: An alternative Datpacker is currently under development <a href=\"http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=16500.0\">here</a> on the SC4D forums by Memo. 2014-08-17
bitsaul Any chance this is available for Macintosh? 2014-08-17
Tre00 www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?mfc71 2014-07-26
oedhink 2014-06-04
Rebs07 For all who are having trouble installing the dll\'s, you need to copy them to the C: directory in the Windows folder in the subfolder of Systems 32. Just copy and paste. 2014-03-20
Zev_B3k 2013-12-27
jcg96 It\'s so fast, but when I want to create a new city and it\'s loading, the game stops and crashes to desktop :( 2013-07-18
LonelyOnes Genius! 2013-04-15
mchlmnns thank you this is awsome 2013-04-12
magadum this thing does not works \"Plz don\'t Download IT\" 2013-04-07
ikko-001 hi 2013-02-09
TonyNobo Thanks, hope to have less CTD\'s when I pack the files 2013-02-06
lotherius Expect lots of hard freezes in SC4 after you use this. If you want to spend tons of time troubleshooting which plugins aren\'t compatible with dat packing, have it hoss. 2013-01-28
Snateraar4 Game runs so much faster using this! 2013-01-02
boisseaumr To those who cannot find a download link, you must register with BSC Exchange on sc4devotion. 2012-12-23
bryguysays The DatPacker, with monnikje\'s Windows 7 instructions (I run Win 7), seems to do its job quite well and I\'m thankful it has been written and made available. 2012-11-24
cefien @DHaselden: and you think everything always goes in the way you want,huh...just go and bring your crap with you then.... 2012-10-24
djedu @Nevo i think registering and loggin\' in is the better way to easily download this stuff. :sarcasm: 2012-09-17
masterp443 awesome! 2012-07-08
xx-fan-audi-xx I like ! 2012-06-14
newsmurf thanks for this very useful tool! :) 2012-05-20
FerC I\'ll try it, thanks! 2012-02-10
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-17
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
Zequi1000 2011-11-30
Sagimine1 Good tools just wish I could why I keep getting t\\duplicate items in-game. 2011-11-20
Ioseph Thanks 2011-11-02
vasfv valeu ae! 2011-10-29
0ko Not working,, T_T 2011-10-04
0ko i\'m newbie,, i love play this game, it\'s helpfull 2011-10-04
JesseRay74 Otie - what country do you live in? We here in America actually expect things to work as advertised, and hold people to their word. Tis why we have so many laws protecting the unaware consumer from faulty products. \"Dont get mad cuz you\'re the one....\" screw that. Go back to France, you emo. 2011-09-10
otie @caddman74@hotmail.com dont blame him for your lost content your the one who downloaded it and used it. 2011-08-27
devotion77 so helpfull 2011-08-16
Mymomarockz12 Looks great, but I an unable to download it. The LEX says the "download quota has been exceeded..." 2011-07-05
Frex_Ceafus Cool 2011-04-22
caddman74@hotmail.com Dude this datpacker SUCKS. I\'ve used it twice and so far, while it DID pack all my .dat files into one folder and remove several unneccessary files, it also removed SEVERAL neccessary props as well as quite a few downloaded lots. My entire park collection was wiped out, as well as my cemetery lots and churches. All of my SFBT content has been moved to who knows where. Nothing deleted mind you, or at least I assume, since my recycle bin is empty, but my windows search does not turn up the missing files. Thanks alot jerk. 2011-04-07
rjinmd I have a problem trying to download the required dll files for this program at dll.com. I see the link for the free download, but everytime I hit it, it doesn\'t display the download. Did anyone else have a problem or tell me what I\'m doing wrong? 2011-02-14
Aliktren Massively increased performance and stability - thanks! 2011-01-17
huai005 a truly awesome tool... thank you 2011-01-15
CityDog17 Thanks a bunch! 2010-12-15
monnikje For Windows 7 users: After installing SC4DatPacker, open the readme. In it you\'ll find three links to three different dll\'s. Even though you might find some of these dll\'s in your \'c:\\Windows\\System32\' directory, you still need to download them. The ones SC4DatPacker uses are different from the ones Windows 7 has. Now, you need to put these freshly downloaded dll\'s in your \'c:\\Windows\\system\' directory. IF all is alright, that directory should have been empty before you put these three in it. Once you\'ve done so, you\'ll be able to start up the program. It\'s that simple (but it took me an afternoon to figure this out). Anyway, wouanagaine, I\'m really gratefull for this program! Thank you :). 2010-09-08
Aaron Graham Thank you!! I going to try it out. 2010-08-27
zyme1 because this is not working giving error aquivo MSVCP71.dll Missing 2010-06-29
ardar try it 2010-06-28
Ryja a truly awesome tool... makes the game run so much smoother and quicker - thank you! 2010-06-12
thiagolane Awesome Thank you very much!! Now I can add CAM and a few others to my NAM and not need like 1 million GB!! :-P You and all the devs on this site are Pros and have made SimCity better than Maxis(yay) or EA(boo!) ever could dream of making themselves. This is the best game community ive ever seen.. 2010-04-23
Mrgrey1 Anyone got this working on win7? 2010-04-12
LU9092 Does this not work with Windows 7? 2010-03-14
MayorToaster Thank you very much for this helpful tool. 2010-03-07
Snitchie Sweet time to clean up that plugins folder.. 2010-01-30
Agent101 Thanks, I hope it works for me! 2010-01-20
sejr99999 fantastic idea plugin folder almost 1 G thank u 2010-01-02
cityobserver Excellent, allows you to organize your crowded plugins folder ;) 2009-11-20
hamham777 very good 2009-10-25
uploadman Thank you very much ... 2009-10-24
secret_punisher i was searching for ages this datpacker...thank you so much.. i need this to run the cam mod :) 2009-09-26
olegario39 is there a way to unpack the mega pack after it has been compressed into one file? 2009-09-06
gazac48 I am using 2008 version & it is doing this on a lot of files.. this from the log ------------- Useless file, all entries have been superseed on : c:\\users\\gazac\\documents\\Sim City 4\\Plugins\\Mountain Theme PackPEG_Forest-ObservationTower_206.dat ------------- Mountain Theme Pack is a \'dir\' & PEG_Forest-ObservationTower_206.dat is the \'file\', there is no \\ Using Windows 7, this can happen to 1 or more in the same dir, other files in the same dir pack ok Thanks 2009-08-27
dvd_x i cant find the system directory in my windows folder anywonne who know what i need to do? pls help i need this great tool 2009-08-19
Marushun Wow, great tool! I can\'t wait to test it! 2009-08-16
westamastaflash Great Utility. One thing - it seems like after packing a set of mods, it likes to hold on to the memory. This means that for each 1GB or so of mod files I need to restart the packer. Just fyi for everyone out there - don\'t try to run it and pack everything at the same time. 2009-07-28
agale can you mod this so the plugins in Program files/Maxis/Simcity 4/plugins can also be compressed.coz most of my plugins are in that folder. 2009-06-30
mtlmn1971 Thank you so much. I have not had a single ctd since started using this. This is a must have. 2009-06-04
manathome Very nice another useful SC4 Utility. 2009-05-06
charliechen Very handy tool! 2009-04-30
olegario39 thank you so much!! my game has not crashed for TWO MONTHS STRAIGHT! 2009-04-30
taksan21 this helps a lot 2009-04-29
sura1126 Thank you~ 2009-03-05
skyjuice 2009-01-16
Heblem Thanks for this new 2008 version! 2008-12-01
vendetta007.mike Hey guys hepl please! After installing DatPacker, all the tools appear twice! Why? It\'s annoying and confsing! How to solve that problem? 2008-11-29
sharidas Thanks for this new version 2008-11-28
patfirefghtr Thank you soo very much for the new 2008 Version!!! 2008-11-27
Lilojame Sweet, a new version! Thank you very much for this great tool! 2008-11-27
wwjd this is awesome! thanks!I was looking for this. 2008-11-15
NERANTZAKIS thank you thank you thank you. you are amazing people. 2008-10-24
aorwn92 l 2008-09-10
City Builder After having to reinstall SC4 and my original non compressed plugins, I gave SC4 a whirl before packing any of the dat files. WOW, it was incredibly slow opening menu choices like landmarks, parks etc. I then packed all the files and tried it again, and while it didn\'t speed up the loading of the game itself, now opening the individual menu options (like the park, or the landmark menus etc) are almost instant, where as before they might take 3 to 10 seconds to open). 2008-08-22
bkballa4790 Very Nice! Much faster loading times! 2008-06-09
Unassigned Neat. 2008-05-15
City Builder My loading times are the same but there is a definite loadtime improvement when opening certain very full menu options like my landmarks, parks and some other in game menus so this program is a big plus in my opinion. 2008-03-21
xxdita All hail the mighty Wou! My loading times are now so much faster. Thank you! 2007-10-23
DaveBart66 Finally something to help loading times. Thanks 2007-10-03
DangerousPenguin I am grateful for any tool that helps to eliminate the confusion of updating add-ons. 2007-09-26
cleaner476 great! 2007-09-03
PTMC_HS Awesome, I have been looking for a decent tool like this for ages. Thanks. 2007-08-09
pepx hey i can\'t open it, the past version did open well but now this one don\'t want to run 2007-07-21
DaVirus Awesome this is an excellent tool! 2007-07-10
nexusdog Sublime. Well done guys 2007-06-25
icepeter Excellent,This tool is amazing I wish I didn\'t wait so long to download this 2007-06-21
The Big Z This is the best! My plugins folder is a mess, because I had no clue what I was doing when I first started downloading stuff. But, this will help out soooo much! I don\'t think I can thank you enough 2007-06-03
Rebs07 This sounds incredible I just can\'t wait to try it. Why with all the positive things people have been saying bout it, it must do miraculous things. Thanks a million. 2007-05-31
High5Tower Everything is working fine! I just tested the new upgrade from my original first install (1-30-07) and it worked like a charm. I notice the load up time into simcity is even faster. The time to compress files is now just around 2 minutes,with the original data packer copy it was around 4 minutes. My compressed file is at 874mb. Thank you so much 2007-04-24
bribri Thank You Wouanagaine!!! I LOVE TO PLAY AGAIN. This tool is amazing I wish I didn\'t wait so long to download this. I thought it was going to \"screw things up\" LOL WAS I WRONG!!!!!!!!! 2007-04-22
parcifal I think this is the single most useful download for anyone playing Simcity. Thank you. 2007-04-18
subedei a very useful tool. Quickened my load time by at least 50% and seems to make the game much smoother to play and thats with a 3 gig plug-in folder 2007-03-25
lgmills I am THRILLED with this. It took my 7,754 plugins and compressed them into 371 dat files in about 30 minutes. Game load time is incredibly fast. I noticed even scrolling through the various menus such as parks, transportation, etc., is much faster. Game play in general is faster. Thank you soooo much!!! Pure genius. 2007-03-23
silvrstreek You\'re the man...the supreme ruler of all things Sim 2007-03-05
Jinx Thank you sooooooo much! I thoought I would never ever be able to play SC4 as once did with all that files... You are a life saver!!! (Narya/Naryanna) 2007-03-05
patfirefghtr ty Wouagaine for your time spent in fixxing our troubles and being a god you are to us mortals. FastFreddy421 so eaxctly how old are you anyways? no needs to be rude here at all and if you cant handle it dont come around cause here is a privalage where everything is FREE and no FEE\'s for service or techincal help at all, if u have technical issues just ask for help in the threads and Wouagaine will help you as he has done for all including myself on several occaision 2007-02-27
FastFreddy421 ha ha! Nerd... 2007-02-25
callagrafx FastFreddy, I deleted the comments where you used expletives...just replacing a couple of letters does not exempt the meaning of the word...If you have a grievance, take it up with the creator in the SC4D forums, that\'s what they\'re there for. Negative feedback? This isn\'t Ebay. I suggest you scroll down to the bottom of the main page and read the last sentence.... 2007-02-24
FastFreddy421 hey callagrafx, read my comments again, while i was unhappy with results, there is not one word that would be considered even rude. no swearing or nothin, so if u dont want negative feedback, better only give option to give positive feedback.i didnt use any foul language so i can say what i like!! 2007-02-23
richard1982 does not work for me al i get is errors occurred see log for details total failure maybe does not like ddr2 ram 2007-02-23
callagrafx I would also suggest that if you use any downloading software to disable it before attempting again. 2007-02-22
callagrafx FastFreddy, I sympathise with your problem, but the download limit was put in place after some heavy abuse. Can you please mind the language, I hate having to delete people\'s comments but that was O.T.T. There are minors visiting this site, I would kindly ask you please remember that. 2007-02-22
FastFreddy421 shouldnt have download quota in case of technical difficulties!!! 2007-02-21
FastFreddy421 tried to download 4 times,for some reason just stops before its done.now it wont let me try again so i dont get to try it. guess i have to retire from sc4 cuz its just too slow!! 2007-02-21
FastFreddy421 is it just me or does it take everyone over an hour to download! 2007-02-21
silvrstreek This is a must have, the one download that you can can\'t be without.Thanxz :) 2007-02-19
patfirefghtr Wow what a very wonderful master piece we got here. the tool itself is well needed for heavy users of custom content IE myself with a total of 6.5 gb in plugins its soooooo needed and i cant wait to get all down to something more workable. thank you again and keep up the hard work 2007-02-15
doodle 21 I never knew that merging files could help speed up the game. Thanks for this. 2007-02-09
diggis Genuis 2007-02-09
threeswept My eyes are bugging out...WHEW! Great work! 2007-02-07
tcx Thanks, I will try this soon, it will help me to load 2GB of stuff I have in the plugins folder. 2007-02-07
Livin in Sim I tried this out and my game is much smoother. Thanks for sharing your nifty invention!! 2007-02-04
Katten Gustaf Thanks! This tool is great, it cuts my load times in half and speeds up gameplay noticably. 2007-02-03
Cali thank you so much. this tool is great, and it\'s something that everyone should be using. 2007-02-02
oth3ll0112 This is a great tool and I have seen a noticable improvement in game play.Thank you very much for this helpful item. 2007-01-31
HabLeUrG wouanagaine, this is AWESOME!, never know about this tool, thank you soooooo much!!! Gracias! 2007-01-30
seemurray2 This is awesome! It speeds my load times up so much, not just for the game, but the Lot Editor too! 2007-01-26
vegeman Excellent...Great load times 2007-01-24
apfischbob It works! It really works! It\'s cut the game\'s initial load time in half for me. City tiles still take a similar amount of time, but I\'m not complaining at all. Thanks a bunch for this invaluable tool! 2007-01-24
bat56 Hi Wouanagaine...,thank you so much for sharing this amazing tool. beau travail Monsieur :-) 2007-01-24
mrgscottc I trimmed down my plugins folder because of insane load times. Now, my plugins are back. After compressing, the difference is amazing. I am very thankful for this tool. Your contributions, the SC4TF, SC4 Mapper, SC4LIG and now this... Y 2007-01-24
DuskTrooper *downloads update* 2007-01-23
Rayden 15 seconds from happiness. I mean, from saving one city and having a new one opened and ready to play, 15 seconds. ;) What more can I say? 2007-01-23
praiodan As the others said, one of the best tools for SC ever! This will help me to keep my cities running :) Thanks! 2007-01-23
spa What a great idea! 2007-01-22
Serkanner Through the years I have seen and played with a number of simcity tools, this one is at the top of the ranks of usefullness. Thank you very much for improving our beloved game. 2007-01-22
wpnads Ya\'ll keep amazing me with things you turn out. Keep up the good work!!! 2007-01-22
cabrabuitre Can\'t wait until I can try this one out! VERY impressive!! 2007-01-22
Tarkus Very nice! Yet another extremely useful SC4 utility. 2007-01-21
bulldog2010 Wow, I would have never thought this possible. Thank you for all the hard work I\'m sure you put into this. 2007-01-20
bat another wonderful tool... 2007-01-19
TheTeaCat Gurbh mile maith agat! Irish for A thousand thanks to you! Wouanagaine how do you produce these wondeful tools to make our lives so much easier? The kettle is on, put your feet up and I\'ll make you a Tea. You deserve it 2007-01-17
barbyw An excellent tool that works exactly as it says. 2007-01-17
mattb325 Wouanagaine, you never cease to amaze me...this is awesome! 2007-01-16
wild_horse_in_the_sky Great tool Thanks so much wouanagaine 2007-01-16
NikNik Neat new feature Dr.Wou! Thanks for increasing the game speed! 2007-01-16
Fred_Ginger All I can say is hank you, thank you, thank you! 2007-01-16
Gaston Pretty kool stuff. Be glad to see the new read me though. Not sure I did it right. 2007-01-16
Gaston this looks pretty handy. I\'ll let ya know how it works for me. 2007-01-15
vab423 wouanagaine, are you *this* helpful around the house, too? You have created some of the best SC4 utilities! 2007-01-14
jeronij Yes, thanks for this, it will save us sooooooooo much time !!! Gracias amigo ;-D 2007-01-14