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41, rue du Tivoli

This house is a reproduction of the 41, rue du Tivoli house, situated in Longwy. This has been built during the 50's, this style of house is typical of the decenny.

This house is available in a 1�2 or 1�3 LOTs with 21 R� occupants.


It seems that there are a lot of dependancies, but no worry, links are there and many of them are very common.



greckman It\'s a shame these are locked, meanwhile, why not release these on STEX so we can begin enjoying these fabulous houses. 2011-09-25
abstynent Why a file is unavailable? After all, these are great BATS. I hope that already appear again soon .. maybe some more packs of similar buildings. 2011-09-09
Sciurus54 Don\'t worry, I made a mistake that Lowkee explained me. I rectified it and a new \"version\" of it will come very quickly. ;) Guillaume. 2011-08-27
9118rod Im sorry im going say someting it make me mad that a littel houes is locked. !!y!! 2011-08-26