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Creator: NAM Team Upload Date: 2011-09-23
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Version 1 (Cross-Platform)

The NAM Diagonal Bridge Enabler is a mod intended for advanced users, containing a special "temporary" file, modifying the game's transit network slope and terrain parameters
to allow for the construction of otherwise impossible diagonal bridges, coupled with starter pieces enabling several different styles of diagonal bridges.

The Diagonal Bridge Enabler contains just two file: the main file DiagonalBridgeEnabler.dat, and
DiagonalBridgeEnabler_Locale_english.dat (which contains description strings for pieces and menu icons).
There are temporary files designed only to be used when you wish to construct diagonal bridges--it is recommended you take the
entire ~Diagonal Bridge Enabler folder and drop it into your Plugins, and remove the folder when you are finished constructing your diagonal bridges.
The file does the following:

  • Lowers the sea level to 0, effectively draining any in-game bodies of water in an opened city.
  • Forces the Road, One-Way Road, Rail and RealHighway networks to be completely level, allowing them to be dragged across the drained bodies of water.
  • Enables buttons in the Roads and Rails menus containing draggable Diagonal Bridge starter pieces and Waterbridge Viaduct puzzle pieces.
  • Adds pylon exemplars to the Rail and RealHighway networks.

Upon opening your city tile with the ~Diagonal Bridge Enabler folder installed, you will notice all game water has been drained from the map, and your terrain will have dramatically shifted color (with default Maxis terrain, it will appear that your city is now in a desert). If you attempt to drag the Road, One-Way Road, Rail or RealHighway networks, you will notice that they stay on a level plane and can be dragged across the chasms where the waterways once were in your city. You can use this to create diagonal, curving and even neighbor connecting bridges with these networks with Maxis' default pylons (see here for more information).
Removing the temporary files when you are done will restore the terrain, refill your bodies of water, and return network slopes to their regular setting (either the defaults or whatever slope mod you may have installed).

However, these default pylon bridges may leave something to be desired from a visual, aesthetic standpoint. Thus, the DBE also enables a set of options, designed to emulate the look and feel of traditional SC4 water bridges, including draggable bridges for Road, One-Way Road, Rail, Avenue and Maxis Highway networks, and a series of modular truss bridge puzzle pieces.

It is strongly recommended that you read the Readme Documentation in order to understand how to use this plugin.


As this plugin involves the use of temporary files to be added and removed from the Plugins folder, the DBE is a manual-install plugin, with no installer included. The same file works for both Windows and MacOS systems (as well as Linux).

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AsimPika3172 OK Tarkus! 👍 Is time for enjoying DBE function! 2020-11-09
Tarkus nycsc4: I experienced some weird issues with it a few months back, much like that, but was never really able to find the cause, as it seemed to be acting rather capriciously. I just kept re-installing it until it eventually cooperated. 2017-12-05
nycsc4 Are there any known plugin conflicts with this Mod. I used it in the past with no issues but suddenly it's not working for me anymore. I drop the main file in the plugins folder and the water doesn't drain or anything. Anyone notice anything similar lately? 2017-12-03
nycsc4 You guys are just the greatest. Thanks so much! 2017-10-18
Tarkus Link to the RRW/DBE patch now included in the description, under Dependencies. 2017-10-18
Tarkus nycsc4: Yes, there is a known issue with the DBE and RealRailway support. This will require updating the DBE in order to fix. In the meanwhile, there's a temporary patch on the forums that should do the trick: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15931.msg504416#msg504416 2017-10-18
nycsc4 Are there any known issues with the more recent versions of the NAM? I'm not having any issues using the roads, but for whatever reason I'm not able to drag the railroad across the empty bodies of water. Everything is level, but keep getting a can't smooth terrain. Thanks! 2017-10-17
Tarkus AsimPika3172: This version already has diagonal bridges for Avenues and Maxis Highways. 2016-10-28
AsimPika3172 I hope next version will have diagonal bridges for AVENUE, HIGHWAY etc... 2016-10-28
Imiona Edith: Is there a reason you cant level with the road tool? 2015-03-20
Imiona Thank you so much for this, now seawalls are not a hassle anymore! 2015-03-18
Mutton Noir This has solved so many problems for me, giving a greater degree of flexibility from a very limited set of choices. 2014-09-03
Servius I LOVED IT!!!!!! thank you NAM GROUP!!!! 2013-03-02
BatteryMill I hope this will be simple someday. Still haven\'t downloaded it, but maybe someday. 2013-01-31
als98 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Amazing achievement NAM team! 2012-09-09
rajesh730 Thanks 2012-05-31
CityDog17 Thanks a bunch!! Thought I already had this but definitely going to have fun now! 2012-04-13
pieman101 sweet 2012-04-03
NAM Team pieman101: It is. This version doesn\'t have an installer and thus works for both Windows and Mac. 2012-04-03
pieman101 this is great but if only it were for mac os 2012-04-02
Stewey The ingenuity and creativity of modders for SC4 never stops impressing me, the things that you guys can do to get around the limits of SC4 astound me and this file is no different. Excellent work and thanks :) 2012-02-01
leisushicat It\'s really really amazing 2012-01-08
NAM Team steveh212: It\'s merged directly into the DiagonalBridgeEnabler.dat file included in the package. 2011-12-15
steveh212 I can\'t find the zero sealevel.dat file mentioned in the readme.doc. Any suggestions? 2011-12-14
morvau4 this mod causes my game to crash regardless of what im doing. The game doesnt crash when i remove the mod. great concept, hope there is a fix to this soon. 2011-11-23
Illulissat Great job, this is something that I think the game needed. 2011-10-22
smithers great work 10/10 adds much more detail to my cities , thanks:) 2011-10-21
Topgun232 Utter awesomesauce. Thank you. 2011-10-20
emperordaniel @fjpool: Yes, you could do that. :P 2011-10-11
pedroferreiralp Great work! Thank you! 2011-10-10
Ioseph Thanks 2011-10-10
fjpool Wow! This is what I\'ve been waiting for! So technically, you could install this, build a city at the lowest elevation, remove the mod and have an underwater city? 2011-10-05
djedu NAM, YOU ARE MY HERO!!! 2011-09-29
Tarkus mrdevinej: There are bridges for Avenues and Maxis Highways included, but as noted in the \"dependencies\" section, they have to be built using the RealHighway Tool. The game\'s pylon system (which this mod exploits) does not permit pylons on 2-tile-wide networks, and we had to use that workaround. 2011-09-28
mrdevinej Can this be used for Avenues and road networks larger then two tiles ? 2011-09-28
kasanawi great. thank you 2011-09-27
basileus I really wanna cry... finally diagonal bridges! 2011-09-27
mgrinshpon The creation of this is more impressive than Einstein\'s relativity and Maxwell\'s equations. At the same time. Whoever made this: I love you. 2011-09-27
Exodia the forbidden one this is epic. this will be SO usefull for my city journal. 2011-09-26
gn_leugim so great, thank you :) 2011-09-26
Tarkus luvpats101: If you read the instructions in the file description above or the enclosed Readme, you\'d know that that\'s supposed to happen--there\'s files for temporary use in here that drain water and allow you to drag roads and rails across. 2011-09-25
luvpats101 after i downloaded this mod i lost all of the natural God mode water in my cities and even in the ocean!! why did this happen and how do i fix this 2011-09-25
driftmaster07 o_O 2011-09-24
Phlogiston Wow, This mod is very handy. Thanks... 2011-09-24
CenterLine \"OMG\" I have tears in my eyes! THANK YOU!!!!!! 2011-09-24
a_muses OH MY GOD WOW THIS IS AMAZING. Can\'t wait to try it! Thank you SO much for making this possible. 2011-09-24
emperordaniel Freaking awesome! 100000000000000000000000000000000/10! 2011-09-24
skyscraper woow, that\'s a sim city milestone..... 2011-09-24
mamaluigi945 The impossible has been achieved! Great job NAM Team; you continue to amaze me! =D 2011-09-24
dogma555 NOOOO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 2011-09-24
adsaga Great idea to automate and decorate the bridges! I read the Readme file but I think I am missing something. I make the bridge, then delete a tile of road on each end, but when I put the starter piece on that tile, it tells me that a link is missing... Can someone assist or is there something on a forum regarding this? Thanks. 2011-09-23
leesx.fina 2011-09-23
sejr99999 thank you this is something needed so muc all these years fantastic work! 2011-09-23
Mr10crossing AWESOME! :D 2011-09-23
jack_wilds thank-you for yet another plugin to play with... 2011-09-23
halenbyname_ny So I can\'t keep this file in my plugins file too long not sure if I percepted that right :P 2011-09-23
Bluenube OMGG!!! OMGG!!! OMGGG!! REALLYYY?!?!?! THIS IS SOOOO AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!!!! TNK YOU SOOOOO MUCHHH!!!! I TOO 1000/1000 :D 2011-09-23
portlandexpos04 WOW! Talk about a game changer!!! You guys are freaking awesome! 2011-09-23
dtowninc Awesome 1000 out of 1000! 2011-09-23
Mas71 Wow! Its a greatest work in a histry of SC4 :O Thank you sooo much ;) 2011-09-23
metarvo I\'ve been wishing for this ever since the SC3k days. Good work, NAM Team! 2011-09-23
Tek_nus Oh yeah finally diagonal bridge 2011-09-23
Bitoques Thank you, thank you and thank you so much! 5* 2011-09-23
Aaron Graham Great Job, I always wanted to see these type of bridges out!!!!! :D 5/5 2011-09-23