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Creator: DaveN Upload Date: 2011-09-23
Last Update: 2012-04-25 File Type: W2W
Views: 6710 Category: Residential - Medium
Last Downloaded: 2023-06-04 Downloads: 1997


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Update 25.04.2012

Update only consisted of minor cosmetic amendments:
- Corrected the name of a building that appears in the game,
- Shortening the desc and lots files names,
- Fixed names displayed in the Lot Editor,

This is my third in a series of BAT "Bydgoszcz houses in SC4". This house is for poor people..

Tenement house in 1897 made for rentier Ignatzy Czarnecki is modest in the acquis J. Swiecicki. Tenement is a symmetrical facade and cost-effective architectural detail is limited in principle to the bands of windows and window cornices refers to forms of classicist.

There are no dependencies

You can post comments in my bat thread at SC4 Devotion: Bats by DaveN.


dwelln8hss32 Fine work, DaveN! Will be a welcome sight in my historic American cities where Euro architecture was abundantly imported. Thanks! 2011-10-22
fiver It looks very nice in game, in a w2w row, thank you for the great work! The backyard fence might have been more baroque-suitable (but then it\'d require dependenceies). 2011-09-24
sejr99999 thank you nice to see a new contributor this is a beautiful & useful building 2011-09-24
supremec Congratulations DaveN For your first LEX BAT! 2011-09-24