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Creator: jondor Upload Date: 2011-09-24
Last Update: 2022-07-13 File Type: NAM Plugin Files
Views: 10719 Category: NAM
Last Downloaded: 2023-06-05 Downloads: 7609


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EDIT 13.07.2022: small architectural update on the file/folder naming. Functionally nothing changed.

Phase 1 Release with Installer, 09/24/2011

A set of orthogonal modular animated railroad crossing props to spice up your SimCity 4 railway experience!

This mod includes both the necessary props for orthogonal road networks as well as three basic sets of T21 exemplars.

Both RHD and LHD T21s are provided, along with a compatability file for the Rail Catenary Mod and the necessary path files to activate the crossing animations on OWR and RHW based networks.

As with all T21 mods, you must redraw the affected tiles for the game to change the props. In addition, if you find that the animations are not working on OWR or RHW crossings, you may need to bulldoze and redraw the crossing to force the game to update the paths. When driving a train in UDI mode, a graphical glitch may occur in which the crossing arms are drawn in both the vertical rest position and animating closed. This is an unavoidable, but harmless graphic bug and affects the Maxis crossing gates as well.

Important notes: Installing multiple T21 sets without any other changes will result in only the last alphabetical set functioning. When using the mix-and-match option, please install all three sets for your driving side as well as the mix-and-match folder and follow the directions below.

    Each set folder contains the following files: (LHD files are prefixed "LHD-")

  • Maxis DTR Crossings.dat

  • Maxis GLR Crossings.dat

  • Maxis STR Crossings.dat

  • NWM DTR Crossings.dat

  • NWM GLR Crossings.dat

  • NWM STR Crossings.dat

  • RHW DTR Crossings.dat

  • RHW GLR Crossings.dat

  • RHW STR Crossings.dat

  • SAM DTR Crossings.dat

  • SAM STR Crossings.dat

  • TuLEP DTR Crossings.dat

  • TuLEP GLR Crossings.dat

  • TuLEP STR Crossings.dat
  • Please choose one of each file from any of the three sets and move them to the mix-and-match folder. Delete the excess folders.

This Mod does not have any required dependencies except SimCity 4 Rush Hour or Deluxe.

The following mods are optional dependencies to access all included content:

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pmoore97 The maxis crossing gates are still present for diagonal railroad crossings with avenues. How do I fix this? 2020-07-13
pmoore97 The maxis crossing gates are still present for diagonal railroad crossings with avenues. How do I fix this? 2020-07-13
Kitsune AsimPika3172 (sorry over a year late) and anybody else having this issue it seems some plugin had a cleanitol file that cleared out the cancellation files. Your best bet is to download the manual version... http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2694 ... and re-install z_z_Modular_RR_Files. Note... remove the LHD or RHD depending which side you use, and also remove the a_paths. 2018-03-31
AsimPika3172 Please support RRW version for crossing roads, avenues etc... 2017-03-20
Swordmaster steve1055, can you please report this bug on the forums? We'll try to figure out what's going on. 2016-01-15
steve1055 No mater what settings I have or how I install my gates will not move.. they just stay in the down position 2015-10-14
MGB204 Finally I have most of my crossings with the barriers on the left thanks to this wonderful mod that also makes everything look nicer too. I was so pleased I spent the rest of the evening updating the crossing textures of rail and GLR to LHD too. 2014-08-01
GreatWesternUK Awesome work, thank you 2013-03-02
tobi098 Good work bro! Thats much better than this ugly Maxis Crossings 2012-11-04
SimGuy24 A large improvement over the other, miniscule crossing signals. Another awesome piece from the team. It just keeps getting better! 2012-06-06
Wubbat here is the Mack version pieman http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2694 2012-05-31
pieman101 is it for mac 2012-03-30
jondor @Stewey Yes, both RHD and LHD T21 sets are included. 2012-02-15
Stewey Are these left hand drive (I have the UK version) compatible? 2012-02-01
patfirefghtr sweet thank you soo much!!! 2011-11-29
Modzplayer Perfect, just what I was searching for! Can you release a version without the crossing bars, too, please? 2011-10-17
jpc26 Nice work!! This adds so much to the game!! 2011-10-13
LARRY999 when i see railroad crossing props on left japan &uk new zearland on left land drive 2011-10-06
mtlmn1971 Perfect!! Thanks 2011-10-03
Aaron Graham Great Job!!!!! 5/5 2011-09-25
jack_wilds thank-you for creating this and sharing it too 2011-09-25
Mr10crossing AWESOME! I\'ve been waiting for these! :D 2011-09-25
girafe Thanks for sharing, wait for european ones :) 2011-09-25
aaaling These are much better than the Maxis crossings!! Thumbs up! 2011-09-25
shanghai kid @ragna214 Edit: the override the maxis crossing props, so instead of the maxis ones, you get these great new crossing lights/stops instead. 2011-09-25
shanghai kid wow, these are looking great :)) @ragna214 these is not plopable but the maxis railroad crossing props automaticly when you cross a rail over maxis/rhw/sam roads/streets incl. nwm & tuleps :) And from what i understand you don\'t have to have NAM for this to work, but it incl. crossings for the roads found in NAM/RHW mod :) 2011-09-25
ragna214 is it ploppable? where is for NAM ? 2011-09-25
Darth_Yencoron cool, looks so much better than the in game ones 5 thumbs up :D 2011-09-25
Enlighthell first 2011-09-24