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CPT Trees as props

UPDATE: 23.06.2022 for Project ZIP and other housekeeping, courtesy of Tyberius06.

This set is released by request and it is a dependancy for some future LEX releases,and some STEX existing ones. This pack contains a set of mod which allows you to use some of Cycledogg's Columbus Terrain trees in your lot designs. Why do you need those props? If you want to add some random flora variety to your RCI lots. If you want to make some nice woods lots...well, let your imagination work a little bit ;-D

Updated Version January 2007 !!!
Corrected a conflict with Maxis families reported by Citynut. Replace the previos files with the new ones. You will need to update your lots with the new props families as well.I apologize for the inconveniences.
The included trees are:
CP SubalpineFir 1 to 5 Prop Vfamily.dat
CP ShorePine 1 to 5 Prop Vfamily.dat
CP Ponderosa 1 to 5 Prop Vfamily.dat
CP Oak 1 to 5 Prop Vfamily.dat
CP Lodgepole 1 to 5 Prop Vfamily.dat
CP DougFir 1 to 5 Prop Vfamily.dat
CP Cottonwood 1 to 5 Prop Vfamily.dat
CP Burnt Lodgepole 1 to 5 Prop Vfamily.dat


The individual props will show up in the lot editor as single props ( under the CP prefix)
The families props will show up in the lot editor as families ( under the CP_ prefix)
This mod has been only tested with SimCity4 Rush Hour.

The mods are based on the great Cycledogg trees models available here:
CPT No8andNo9 Terrain Essentials
copy/extract the BSC parent folder into your plugins. If you extracted the _Documents folder into your plugins, too, it's highly recommended to keep it, but move it out of the Plugins folder.

You can see more info or post your feedback here: Make your favourite tree a plopable !!!
A BIG thanks to Cycledogg for making the models and sharing them with the community !!!


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