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Creator: c.p. Upload Date: 2012-04-22
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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
This prop pack contains over 500 tree and shrub props (many of them seasonal), and over 60 flora items, for use on lots. It REPLACES CP_PropPack_2009a.dat, so you must remove that file if you have it in your plugins. A cleanitol .txt file is included in the .zip file, to make it easier to find and remove the old file.

The props in this pack include seasonal trees and shrubs, flowering trees and shrubs, and trees and shrubs from the tropics, the desert, the mediterranean, eastern and western North America, and elsewhere.

(Earth Day, 2012)


ArnyMac Ah, Modding noob here, thanks mate! Great work by the way! 2022-04-08
Tyberius06 @Artmac: There is no installer file anymore. The process how they were replaced kept the original files names, but the contents in the ZIP are updated. We converted most of the dependencies from the *.exe installers to ZIP-folder based uploads (and soonish the most rest of the LEX collection which used *.exe installers will follow them). You simply either extract the zip into your plugins or copy the BSC folder into your plugins folder FROM the zip. 2022-04-06
Artmac I cant find an installer file with the download, any ideas? 2022-04-05
MagicTowner This is SimCity 4 flora royalty! This along with cp vol 1, lowkee33 2009, and VIP Girafe are THE best seasonal flora mods ever to be made! 2022-02-05
rafael27po MOD VERY GOOD 2021-05-25
yingde Thanks 2020-12-03
Antony108518 BSC_VehiculeProps-beta-03 2020-05-02
Antony108518 BSC_VehiculeProps-beta-03 2020-05-01
Antony108518 BSC_VehiculeProps-beta-03 2020-04-30
Antony108518 BSC_VehiculeProps-beta-03 2020-04-28
Antony108518 BSC_VehiculeProps-beta-03 2020-04-25
fantozzi I'm shocked I never wrote a comment about this. I feel ashamed because this is a pillar of beautification It is totally irreplaceable for making Sc4 looking good. If you think there's no reason to use the LOT editor – well, THIS is. 2019-11-28
simcity4ru Thanks 2018-09-16
Luisy 2017-09-06
Luisy 2017-09-06
EstRus-TV-Poklonnik Thank you! 2017-08-19
KonstantinUh Спасибо 2017-08-01
LOLGamerz OMG Thanks soo much <br /> For this now My BSC Stripmall will now actually have parkinglots instead of grass <br /> 2016-11-21
Bondi St. Blues Comes with an .exe file, but I am running SC4 with Steam on a Mac! Is this available with just the .dat file in a .zip? 2015-06-02
NeonSim96 Pheeew... must download all needed dependencies... 2 down hundreds more to go... anyway thanks for this download. hehehe 2014-08-23
Izzyblu65 Thank you, I\'m downloading both packs. Glad I found this site and your great work. 2014-07-06
h0759 Thank you very much 2014-03-23
c.p. Jaymichael: This is a prop pack that contains only models. You need to download either a lot or a mod that uses these models as a dependency. (There are lots of them here on the LEX). Also, if you search my uploads, there is an MMP (which stands for \"Mayor Mode Ploppable\") mod for this prop pack. If you install that, you will be able to plop most of these trees via the Mayor-mode tree menu. 2014-03-03
Jaymichael I have downloaded and installed seemed fine but don\'t seem to be in the game any help? As first thing I ever tried to add cheers 2014-02-26
Jaymichael I have downloaded and installed seemed fine but don\'t seem to be in the game any help? As first thing I ever tried to add cheers 2014-02-26
jefei Thank you very much 2013-12-18
huangcansen 2013-09-26
Snagwell much appreciated, thanks 2013-08-10
pedroferreiralp Thank you very much for sharing. 2013-08-05
denmasdanang best SC design 2013-07-02
Columbus1492 Nice! Very nice 2013-06-29
Eliep Thanks sooooo much! 2013-02-01
Simolean123 YAY 2013-01-19
cranlutz . 2012-12-27
tarmiji thanks 2012-12-25
TonyNobo thanks, it\'s too beautiful ;-) 2012-10-15
dazniniel IMPRESIONANTE !!!!! Gracias !!! 2012-09-18
dazniniel IMPRESIONANTE !!!!! Gracias !!! 2012-09-18
couchpotato Looking forward to this. Hope you had a great summer 2012-09-14
ech well done i love it !! 2012-08-28
JP7ZDR Wonderfull trees great aport! 2012-08-25
dwelln8hss32 Wonderful fauna selections! Thank you! 2012-07-24
diego00alpha Great 2012-07-19
johnleepower THANK YOU ! 2012-06-29
caholca gracias me sirvio 2012-06-21
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Simcoug Beautiful trees and shrubs - thank you so much. 2012-05-04
wypurple1 Wow, Great Work, Thanks Bunches 2012-04-23
spa Great job! 2012-04-23
epicblunder1 this is awesome!!! 2012-04-23
Aaron Graham Great Job!!! 5/5 :D 2012-04-23
sejr99999 thank you an extraordinary tribute to earth Day as you command, I will enjoy these. 2012-04-22
jack_wilds awesome and wonder-filled flora for every fauna to play in... 2012-04-22
mattb325 Thankyou for all of your efforts with these. They are truly spectacular 2012-04-22
jmyers2043 The trees are gorgeous. Thank you! 2012-04-22
tb7 thx a lot 4 ur amazing work! I love it!! 2012-04-22
958517907 2012-04-22
dziki444 Wow! Thank you very much! 2012-04-22