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Creator: jmyers2043 Upload Date: 2012-09-09
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
Views: 11791 Category: Residential - Small
Last Downloaded: 2021-09-16 Downloads: 8865


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Important Brown Box Notice The BSC Mega Prop Packs CP Vol 1 and 2 are not optional as the read me indicates. They are necessary. You will get brown boxes if you do not use the most recent versions, updated April 2012.

Eighteen new homes.
They have custom foundations and are slope friendly.
Forty two lots total.
The lots grow at stages 1,2, and 3.
They are CAMpatable and also compatible with Sim City "Rush Hour" and "Deluxe."


Must Have

(1) Cycledogs base and overlay textures. BSC Textures Pack CycleDog Vol 1
(2) Various Props. BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01
(3) Various Props. BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02

Highly recommended but optional

(1) To display the query. BSC Essentials


Tareyu Brown box on some lots :( 2017-03-31
Rae1995 I got all the dependencies and still brown boxes on some houses ? 2016-03-13
rummtata Amazing work, real eye candy. 2015-03-24
quietone I\'m sorry it does work now. Forget the last comment. 2013-08-12
quietone Dude like 5 of these houses don\'t work even with the dependencies. i was forced to delete the whole set because i had no idea what filenames the houses were. you should really lock this. 2013-08-10
john4city Thanks 2013-07-22
madhatter106 These are a \"must have\" - more jmyers2043 goodness is always welcomed in my plugins folder. I look forward to future volumes in this same vein! 2012-12-27
tarmiji thanks 2012-12-25
spa Beautiful! Have been waiting for these for a long time. 2012-12-02
mrbisonm Luv \'em!!! Great job, Jim. You will see them in my MD later this fall. ;) 2012-09-30
Simcoug Thank you so much JMyers - these models are beautiful, and variety of textures/colors included in each building family is amazing. This set is right up there with CP\'s 19th Century homes in my book. 2012-09-26
jmyers2043 @ tonyf12. You need to read the above Lot Description and get the most recent CP prop packs. 2012-09-20
tonyf12 I have all the listed dependencies (both the must have and optional ones) - 2897 Blue Ridge Road is a brown box. All other lots from this set that have grown haved worked however. 2012-09-16
DaveN It is another great Your job. 2012-09-15
couchpotato Thanks 2012-09-15
logintime Saw these homes and downloaded immediately. They are fantastic, thank you! 2012-09-13
stopdrop sweet 2012-09-13
marcszar LOVE \'em, particularly the bungalows with a Craftsman influence! 2012-09-12
dwelln8hss32 These look beautiful. Moving in tomorrow! Thank you. 2012-09-11
buflubul Well done ! Thank you ! 2012-09-11
mattb325 Using them and loving them 2012-09-10
Aaron Graham Great Job!!! 5/5 :D 2012-09-10
sejr99999 thank you a very nice surprise glad to see you back with new custom content to keep the game alive 2012-09-10
Mithrik These will look awesome in my region. Thanks! 2012-09-10
jack_wilds Thanks fro creating these country gems... much appreciated 5/5 2012-09-10
girafe looks cool :) 2012-09-10
longtimepcgamer Wow...Great Job. I love your stuff (Bats\'s that is). 2012-09-10
ltlantnee Brown Boxes? JMeyers awesome work, always. 2012-09-10
Traff Back to play SC4 after quite some time, and pleasantly welcomed by these. Nice Work!! 2012-09-09