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Creator: DaveN Upload Date: 2012-10-12
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
Views: 7267 Category: Residential - Small
Last Downloaded: 2022-11-22 Downloads: 1470


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This time, I present to you a set of lots created by vortext. Set takes ca. 50 growable lots of stage 1 to 4. Set was a few months ago, but by breaking down the hard drive, I could not share this set before. Fortunately, a lot of data I was able to recover.

Once again, a huge thank for the vortext for this great set.

I hope that you enjoy it.


(1)BAT Prop Pack Vol 01 by DaveN
(2)BSC TexturePack Cycledogg V 01b
(3)BSC Textures Vol 02
(4) BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02
(5)PEG SPAM Super Resource Pack
(6)Nams Props Pack Vol 2
(7)WMP Fence & Garden Prop Pack
(8)WMP Shacks Props 01

You can post comments in my bat thread at SC4 Devotion: Bats by DaveN.


RDED Fixed, Sorry it was my fault. 2013-10-31
RDED I\'ve installed everything but it doesn\'t work. I don\'t see any new houses. Maybe I\'ve done something wrong? 2013-10-31
DaveN I\'m really sorry for error in the links. All links now is corrected. Now all it\'s ok. HAVE FUN!! 2012-10-13
Schulmanator Awesome! I am excited! 2012-10-13
MrMAvE94 Awesome work! I\'ll definitely put that in good use. 2012-10-13
erazer32 looks awesome! thx a lot 2012-10-13
vortext It appaers some code got stuck in with the links so some don\'t work as they should. Rest assured the Read-Me does contain proper links. And if you\'re curious to see how they look, [url=http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=13223.msg436043#msg436043]here\'s an overview.[/url] 2012-10-12
sejr99999 thank you I am very happy you were able to recover these files very good use of your and wmps props 2012-10-12
bluefire26 WMP Shacks Props 01.... The link appears to be corrupted. Page opens with a Server Error. HTTP error code 404.1, File has been moved, changed, or is temporarily unavailable. 2012-10-12