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Creator: Yild Upload Date: 2013-01-12
Last Update: 2015-07-22 File Type: Tools - Player
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Version 1.3.1

The DAMN Manager is an alternative to a commonly used program SSPTool and DAMN Plugin by Stefan Wertich.

It is a tool for creating files for "Daeleys Advanced Menu Navigator" aka DAMN. The program is similar to the SSPTool but adds the following features. Custom templates, a SimCity Lots list, and a menu structure that exports as a HTML with thumbnails.

I wrote this program because I had problem with the SSPTool.

A help file is located in the program. Click the info button in the bottom left corner, then click help.

Constructive comments are welcome.
It is possible that you may have a problem with a specific plugin. Please provide a link to the plugin and the name. And post your question in one of my help threads at Devotion, Simtropolis, or SimPeg.

The program includes the language files in English and Polish (polski).


JackWilds love this tool... simplifies many things... [could not find teh help to answer issues] BUT there is no scroll bars [left to right] in data box 1,2...box 4 the bar is teh entire height of teh box, remaining scroll bars do not function... to expand at all leaves a fantom border... I fill tree to extent of scroll distance and that s all I can do... not everything that has bee 'damn'd" shows up in game... program icons also do not appear ingame... is this happening to any one else? cannot understand what is doing these littel things...<br /> 2016-10-13
Marbour Works like a charm! Thank you 2016-02-02
SimNation Thanks for the update 2016-01-14
1SweeTDreamS1 I'm not sure what everyone is crying about... I have windows 10 and all I had to do was right click on the desktop icon, choose "properties" and delete the word "app" from the end of the "Start in" line. It works GREAT! Having everything organized has made the game play much more enjoyable. Thank you very much!!! I'm giving you a perfect score on all websites! 2015-11-13
NeoCat Tried this out but didn't really like it. How can i get my advisers windows back to normal size after uninstalling? 2015-10-12
Yild new version available :) 2015-07-22
Zev_B3k @whatnameshouldiuse No- you should NOT DatPack DAMN. You should UNpack all your plugins, then add what you want into the DAMN, save it (the menu),then close. Then re-DatPack your plugins (minus DAMN) & start your game. Hope that helps. 2015-04-26
whatnameshouldiuse Wondering, does DATPacking BEFORE I use the Damn Manager affect it? I guess that is why it is unable to hide lots, right? Thank you! Also, someone over in Simtropolis said version 1.2 was broken. http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28205-damn-manager/?st=60#commentsStart (close to last comment right now) 2015-02-17
Rady Hello Yild, I\'ve been away from SC4 and your DAMN Manager for some time, now I wanted to update the exe to the newest version. However, I cannot remember the location where the DAMN Menus are saved (those that I already created ...)? Can ou please tell the file path that they are stored to. Thank you! 2014-10-21
Yild updated to 1.2.0 - fixed bug with DAMN installation path 2014-07-31
droric I am currently using this as a tool to import DAMN-NAM entries. Is there any support for \'Root Menus\' like what was used in RTMT v3.6 addon pack? I am looking to impliment root menu\'s or other navigation queues to help the menus. For all who are interested the link is here on the STEX. http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28943-damn-nam/ 2013-08-30
badpat GREAT Work on a GREAT TOOL. You removed all the nuisance from SSPTool and made something that one can work with really fluidly. 2013-03-20
Yild 2013-02-09
DaveN This is 1.0.6 version, but I\'m verry happy that this prograqm is in Polish language. Great job. 2013-02-08
Yild updated to 1.1.1 2013-02-03
Yild 1.1 version was corrected - if you downloaded 1.1 version before 3 February 2013 please redownload - there was an \'debug\' popup message showing when scanning plugins folders 2013-02-03
Yild updated to 1.1 2013-02-01
lotherius After quite a bit of troubleshooting, got this working on Windows 8. Turned out to be something (unknown) on my system that a reinstall of Windows cleared up. Likely the fact I was using Enterprise Evaluation rather than retail Pro. Works now! 2013-01-24
Yild new day... new updated, to 1.0.9 - be advise when you download this, file name is 1.0.6 2013-01-22
Yild updated to 1.0.8 - be advise when you download this, file name is 1.0.6 2013-01-21
Yild mojoc1969 you need to extract ALL contents of the zip file, yes it was tested in vista 2013-01-20
ramadantis ok, good job 2013-01-20
mojoc1969 keeps asking for language when installing the program. I don\'t know if the programs works on vista? 2013-01-20
Yild updated to 1.0.7 - be advise when you download this, file name is 1.0.6 - that how lex works :/ 2013-01-18
khannibalsen Thanx 2013-01-13
Kergelen Version 1.0.6. Thanks for the new version Yild. 2013-01-13
hkboondoggle What\'s the version number of this download? 2013-01-13