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Creator: vortext Upload Date: 2013-03-10
Last Update: 2013-04-10 File Type: Terrain
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File updated 10/04/13

This download contains three (3) different seasonal tree controllers - namely Inland,
River and Coast and additional files.

Once unpacked at a safe location and with all the dependencies installed, you can use one
(1) seasonal tree controller at a time. Simply drop the desired file into your plugins folder.

Seasonal Versions
If you use any of Cycledogg's terrain mods, you must use a Seasonal Flora Patch to make
seasonal flora work in the first place. Check which specific terrain controller you use and
install the corresponding Seasaon Flora Patch.

If you use either Lowkee's Appalachian terrein mod or Gobias' Berner Oberland or
Sudden Valley terrain mod, you don't need a Seasonal Flora Patch. Each terrain mod
already has the correct settings to make seasonal flora work.

Evergreen Version
All three Seasonal Tree Controllers are available as evergreen as well. There's no need for a
Seasonal Flora Patch, obviously, but you do still need all the dependencies. The evergreen
versions are found in the corresponding folder. And again, the evergreen tree controllers are not
compatible with any other tree controller out there but can be used interchangeable.


palazzo Note that the problem below only happens with the coastal controller. River and inland work just fine without the winter shadows patch. 2018-11-18
palazzo 2018-11-18
palazzo 2018-11-18
MladenNinkovic http://imgur.com/ejmb9Xn can someone identify what i need for the brown boxes<br /> 2014-01-20
vortext @ ProudBoy, hard to tell what\'s going on without more information. Please post pictures and more elaborate description in my thread if the problem persists. http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=13223<br /> <br /> @ TheN00B, it wouldn\'t have looked as nice with less dependencies ;) 2014-01-14
ProudBoy I\'ve got a problem, I don\'t know if the cause is this mod. When I download it Deciduous and other trees went to brown boxes... what can I do? 2014-01-12
TheN00B Looks nice, but way too may dependencies. 2014-01-06
Uberschall Yet to fire it into my game but from the looks of it, this is exactly what I needed so thank you! 2013-11-26
NielsC007 Sebian Spruce was the missing one. Thank you! 2013-10-23
vortext @ NielsC007, most likely it\'s one of Girafe\'s trees indeed. Serbian Spruce or Abie Grande perhaps. Either way, carefully check your plugins folder (yet again, I know ;). 2013-10-16
NielsC007 Apparantly those links didn\'t work (sorry, first time using Image Shack), these are the correct links:<br /> http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/59/w3ip.png/<br /> http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/542/o3t5.png/<br /> http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/203/veqy.png/ 2013-10-06
NielsC007 Great work, I\'m really enjoying it!<br /> But I\'m missing 1 dependancy, do you know which one it is?<br /> Zoomed out Pic: http://imageshack.us/i/5nveqyp<br /> Closer Pic: http://imageshack.us/i/f2o3t5p<br /> Close up: http://imageshack.us/i/1nw3ipp<br /> I can see birches and I think winter Pines but after 2 hours of troubleshooting I have no idea what the last thing is.<br /> Thank you! 2013-10-06
vortext @sebastian.standop, check you plugins folder, most likely the Winter Patch is floating around somewhere. Take it out and the autumn models should return. If not contact me in the appropriate thread: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=13223 2013-08-10
sebastian.standop First of all: Great work! I really like the look of deep forests. Much better than the Maxis version!<br /> However, I have a small problem: Not sure, whether this problem is exclusive to my setup, but seasonal change of the trees shows summer and winter models only. Yet, planting individual Girafe trees works fine even in autumn. 2013-08-06
valvedude Excellent mod, I can only describe it as revolutionary! I only had one problem getting the seasonals to work .. after typing \'flora off\', changing tree controllers, restarting & rolling the date to sept. 1st, I replanted & started up the sim only for the trees to stay in a perpetual autumn after dec. 1st - I then got desperate & typed \'flora on\' & hey presto the seasons changed! Although I\'ve never seen \'flora on\' mentioned anywhere (only off) I\'m assuming this was my problem & I\'m only mentioning it here incase anyone else has the same issue, it\'s not this brilliant mod that\'s the cause 2013-06-04
vortext @fighter_jingyu, can\'t really tell what\'s wrong from the pictures (great city btw :). Perhaps you explain more, either by PM or in my thread? @Wodong, hehe, it can be quite a heavy load on CPU indeed! Personally I prefer medium and small tiles anyway. :) 2013-04-17
eufl Thanks a lot, this is a really needed tool! 2013-04-07
Wodong Love the mod and I can see the effort that went into making all the variations. It is pretty hard on the CPU cycles though, even using the Evergreen version (large tiles, heavily forested). Not sure how playable it will be for me when I get a larger population, but I\'m fixing to find out. Again, great work. 2013-03-29
fighter_jingyu excellent job, it\'s really awesome! please check a test in my town: http://www.simcity.cn/thread-117056-1-1.html however, this scene seems not that familiar to your demonstration in the pdf file, some of the tree models and bushes never appeared on my territory. of course i got all the dependencies. 2013-03-27
fighter_jingyu excellent job, it\'s really awesome! please check a test in my town: http://www.simcity.cn/thread-117056-1-1.html however, this scene seems not that familiar to your demonstration in the pdf file, some of the tree models and bushes never appeared on my territory. of course i got all the dependencies. 2013-03-26
vortext evergreen versions are optional indeed :) 2013-03-25
cefien wait, about the evergreen version, is that an optional? Or, i must install that? 2013-03-25
cefien Oh, my..this is awesome. 2013-03-24
webseb vortext> problem solved, great thanks for support ! This mod is definitivly wonderful ! 2013-03-21
SimVlasky Been waiting for this for a long time now! Thank you very much! 2013-03-20
Magneto This mod is brilliant! Thank you Vortex 2013-03-20
vortext webseb, make sure the tree controller loads after PEGs logging scenes. Probably best to put it in a \'z_tree controller\' folder. If the problem persist you can contact me in my thread. http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=13223 2013-03-20
webseb Awesome ! Been waiting for something like that... Small problem in my game: at higher altitude i can see many of these: http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=397 ID conflict issue ? How can I solve that ? Thanks for help... 2013-03-20
vortext Dependencies and download links are listed in the Read-Me! 2013-03-20
aquanova1 a dependancy list here would help 2013-03-18
Uzil Thanks, it\'s very usefull :) 2013-03-15
girafe Thanks for your work on tree controllers :) 2013-03-12
Jamonbread vortext: Ok great thanks... my bad 2013-03-12
mattb325 Beautiful! Thankyou for sharing 2013-03-12
vortext 2013-03-11
bardya_oracle Thanks to you. 2013-03-10
Jamonbread Could you provide dependancy links... looks amazing 2013-03-10