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Creator: vester Upload Date: 2013-05-22
Last Update: 2013-12-28 File Type: Realistic
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Last Downloaded: 2022-05-12 Downloads: 3449


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36 trains to go on your Passenger Rail network.

You can only have ONE passenger rail train mod installed.

The trains need to be loaded after Network Addon Modd.

Any question please post them at:
VDK Costumer Support.

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Hasanman makacih.. 2015-03-05
Sidplanet loved this 2014-05-18
Sidplanet love your trains 2014-04-03
Sidplanet Awesome 2014-04-02
Sidplanet I like your trains , they\'re awesome , they\'re high speed trains because every time I drive on them , they go at high speed. 2014-04-02
vester A few minor errors, like description is corrected in the installer. 2013-12-28
jh12345 Awsome :D 2013-12-13
LegoManilaShow 2013 thanks!!! this is great! i love VDK Train Mods! create volume 7! 2013-09-27
vinlabsc3k These skins are awesome as all your works!! 2013-09-13
mattb325 These are absolutely awesome! Thankyou! 2013-06-22
APSMS These look incredible. Thanks for the hard work. 2013-05-23
mgarcia Love the Hakodate and Narita Express trains. Awesome!!!!! 2013-05-23
sejr99999 thank you these are absolutely beautiful 2013-05-23
wcraig Another superb set of trains! Can\'t wait to use them. -RepublicMaster 2013-05-23
mgarcia Wow...these are amazing. Definitely updating my game tonight! Thanks for such an awesome upload. 2013-05-22
jack_wilds variety the spice of life and sim rides well done 5/5 2013-05-22
dazniniel 2013-05-22
art128kan An absolutely fine package of awesome trains, once again! Thank you Vester. :) 2013-05-22