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UPDATED: Fixed problem with start piece

The Pont Notre-Dame is a bridge that crosses the Seine in Paris, France linking the quai de Gesvres on the Rive Droite with the quai de la Corse on the �le de la Cit�.�

This version contains improved model and (road/TIR) textures. The span width of a single arch has been reduced so the bridge doesn�t require too high shores anymore. Ideal shore height is between 268 and 270m. This bridge is modeled as a fully functional NAM compatible Tram in Road bridge AND as a road bridge


simlacroix Thanks for the info, I hope the updated NAM's version solves that, I'll try it again. 2016-09-17
Tarkus simlacroix: This bridge is actually included in the NAM proper now, and has been fixed there. This version is outdated and won't support ferry undercrossings, and should probably be locked. 2016-08-10
simlacroix Am I the only one having troubles to have ferries going under the bridge? 2016-06-30
xannepan Well the previous releases of these are all included in the latest NAM release also :) I Will ask the NAM team to update in a following NAM release 2013-10-05
NIKESI I am looking for a long time and finally found him, thank you 2013-10-04