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Creator: FrankU Upload Date: 2013-11-15
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Finally my first upload to the LEX has arrived: Version 2.0 of the Dutch Farm Fields Set.
It has taken me one and a half year, but now it's there.

This version is not compatible with version 1.0 that is on the STEX! It is only to be used in tiles that do not contain the Version 1.0 (anymore).

The set has grown to 35 farm fields. Some are completely new, some are reworked versions of SPAM fields and Simgoober's farm fields. Almost all fields are seasonal. The crops grow in several stages. It might slow down your computer when you have many farms and a slow CPU. Sorry for that. You can use these fields for your own farms and you will need these definitely for my upcoming set of Dutch Farms.

Don't get shocked by the list of dependencies. If you do: just leave this set where it is.
Simgoober Farm Fields Revised
BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01b
BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01
BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01
BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01
BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01
RFR Maize set 1.1
BSC Essentials


Sirland Can they grow automatically in Sims\' farms? 2014-10-10
daegi Great fields FrankU I love them. I use some of them in my region, the ones I like most. Yet I have a small problem with them. They don\'t block flora. So I have to demolish the fields every time a mess around with trees too much. Is this by intention to allow some stuff on the fields? Can you change that maybe? 2014-04-22
arowana911 station 2013-11-26
mrbisonm @jack: you can use them more like European and North-American, but also as from other continents nowadays, since agriculture is soon about to be same all over the world. I had a close look on these fields and I can say, that they can be used almost on every continent play. ;) Love them...... 2013-11-19
jack_wilds incredible... well done 5/5... so its -the dutch and American farms, are beginning to happen 2013-11-16
gn_leugim thanks a lot :) 2013-11-16
Stewey Thanks for these, it will increase the variety of fields for the fams I intend to use in my new region. Great stuff. :) 2013-11-16
mgarcia Thanks FrankU - this is amazing...no worries about the dependencies - already have all of them in my plugin folders. I really love it. 2013-11-15
mrbisonm Btw, wonderfull choices of fields carefully assembled, a complete list of them to create the fields for any agricultural region, also excellent for other Euro Players and North-American, and I am sure Asian Simsitters will be pleased too! 2013-11-15
mrbisonm Great, great, great, can\'t wait to see them ingame. I am sure it was worth waiting. ;) Be back once tried out. 2013-11-15
kelis Thanks a lot Frank for share this awesome set !!! 2013-11-15