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Creator: caspervg Upload Date: 2013-11-24
Last Update: 2015-06-28 File Type: Tools - Player
Views: 7631 Category: Tools - Data Management
Last Downloaded: 2023-04-27 Downloads: 1384


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This tools enables you to download files on your "Download Later" list from the SC4Devotion LEX.
It was designed as a cross-platform replacement for Wouanagaine's LEX Downloader, which no longer worked after the latest LEX updates.

Installation instructions:
- Unzip this file
- Run (double click should work) the file named "LEXDownloaderX-1.6.jar" to start the program.
Make sure to keep the subdirectory named "lib" in the directory where LEXDownloaderX.jar is located. It contains some dependency libraries.


Your computer must have a Java 8 JRE installed. You most likely already have this

Linux users, please use the Oracle JRE; OpenJDK does not have the required JavaFX classes.


  • v 1.0.0

    - initial release

  • v 1.0.5

    - improved Mac OS X user interface

    - changed "Download everything" button to "Download checked" and added an actual "Download everything" button

  • v 1.2.0

    - added functionality to show lot preview image when the lot name is double clicked in the table

    - this functionality will be expanded later to show more details

  • v 1.2.5

    - fixed a bug that would occasionally occur when attempting to download multiple files at once. Updating advised

  • v 1.5

    - bump support library versions (LEX4J v1.1 instead of an indev version)

    - improve lot preview image functionality. Should be more stable

  • v 1.6

    - bump support library versions (LEX4J v2.0 instead of 1.1 version)

    - stability fixes

  • v 2.0

    - Added Cleanitol support - Load a Cleanitol file and automatically download required dependencies

    - Clicking on non-LEX dependencies will bring open a browser to the download page (on the STEX, CBEX, PLEX, etc.)

    - Stability improvements and bug fixes

  • v 2.0.1
  • - Bugfixes for users on Java 8

    - Only Java 8 is supported anymore


The source-code of this application is available on Github

Questions and problems:
Contact me (CasperVg) at SC4Devotion, either through PM or via a post in a relevant thread. Alternatively, you can contact me on Github.


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martintallon Everything worked until a few days ago. Lost access to SC4 for 1/2 day then couldn't get DL-X to connect anymore. Updated Java to latest, got new copy of DL-X still no connection. Is it possible Win 10 could have changed with recent update or is site still having connection issues from a few days ago? I also can't access my DL list in the LEX in a few days even after cleaning cookies and stuff. 2018-07-20
Living2007 The Description link to Java points to Java 7, not 8. The dependency tracker does though! 2015-08-17
martintallon Just upgraded from 1.5 to 2.0, have java 8, won't run anymore, connects ok but wont DL anything. 2015-06-09
City Builder Thanks but unfortunately no matter how long I let it sit trying to login, it simply won\'t connect up with the exchange, just get that looping circular animation in the left lower corner of your program 2014-11-16
Servius Don,\'t work to me.<br /> What am I doing wrong? 2014-08-07
MladenNinkovic casper why dont you make youtube videos anymore<br /> 2014-02-01
mad_genius Since you\'re using java for the cross-platform advantage, you should take a look at the Netbeans Platform framework that comes with the Netbeans IDE. It allows one to build software using the same framework that supports the Netbeans IDE, and the Netbeans IDE is capable of generating installers for applications build on that framework. You should take a look. 2013-11-27
Stewey Ooooh, great *clicks download*<br /> <br /> Thanks caspervg :)<br /> 2013-11-25
Stewey Ooooh, great *clicks download*<br /> <br /> Thanks caspervg :)<br /> 2013-11-25
frapigecko big thanks for this great work! :) :) :) rly usefull! 2013-11-24
frapigecko big thanks for this great work! :) :) :) rly usefull! 2013-11-24