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Creator: xannepan Upload Date: 2013-12-06
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
Views: 11295 Category: Mods - General
Last Downloaded: 2023-03-19 Downloads: 3002


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Thisplugin brings several new and modded water effects to simcity 4 (animated water ripples, waterfalls and rapids, terrain and water paint brushes and above sea level waters)

The features of early versions of this mod are demonstrated in several videos on my youtube sc4 channel.



ari777m You're mazing<3 2017-04-04
YINYI 911 2014-10-01
leegoing 2014-09-29
Servius Man, this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2014-08-23
Lackadaisy I really want this, but why do you have to render the game using hardware to use it? I\'m running on Win 8.1 and the graphics get screwed up if I use it. 2014-08-08
Kasper3141 This thing is great, but im experiencing some problems, im trying to recreate Lake Isabella and the Kern River in the map Weldon made for me by Drunkapple and since its above sea level theres no water which makes this thing perfect however im gettting lots of Orange 1 square tiles randomly throughout the bodies of water ive placed, and also when I reload into a city it seems I have pan in or out to get the water to reappear and I have to repaint the water colors, looked through the readme but havent seen anything that can help me, any input would be appreciated because this thing is a MUST HAVE for me and finally being able to recreate alot of the areas Ive grown up in here in California 2014-08-01
nathkel I like the painting textures (altho we could use more!) but the bursh size should be reduced -- the textures get painted over everything including lots and road textures. The ripples I can\'t seem to get to work and i\'m afraid to deal with the non-sea-level waters (but which I could really use!). I\'d really like to see you develop this; don\'t give up on it! ;) 2014-02-23
AREA-55 Works 100% Perfect In Me City Thank You. 2013-12-14
longtimepcgamer Seems like it would e great but fir some reason I can\'t get it to work. I think I\'m following the instructions but the water looks very blocky between color variations and I\'m getting no water ripples after placing the requied lots. 2013-12-12
KonstantinII what does this do? 2013-12-12
xannepan For the colored waterfalls make sure the lots are powered 2013-12-11
masterDDR 2013-12-10
titanica nope- i do not 2013-12-10
xannepan Titanica. It would surprise me if this problem was due to poseidon as your terrain also seems to be affected. I suspect a setting of your graphics card to be responsible. Do you have the same problem without poseidon? 2013-12-10
titanica http://imageshack.us/a/img401/1943/jauh.jpg heres the pic of the problem- I get white pixels in the ripples<br /> 2013-12-09
xannepan Titanica, can you pls post some pictures of the issue? 2013-12-08
girafe :) 2013-12-08
titanica upon trying it it does something really odd- I get little white dots on the wter when placing ripples- I also notice you can\'t delete the effect as the puzzle piece is invisable. Its cool either way but it also slows the game way down on my end<br /> 2013-12-07
BATs By Bipin Beautiful and captivating! 2013-12-07
titanica say waht now- This is an awesome idea- finally I can do stuff differently<br /> 2013-12-07
cmdp123789 Awesome! I love it! This mods really make a change into the game... and it updates the game right to 2013!! Keep up the good work buddy! 2013-12-06