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Creator: BATs By Bipin Upload Date: 2014-03-17
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
Views: 6993 Category: Residential - Small
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House BATs and Lots

The Diaspra BAT and lot set includes over eighty variations of lots, with six house BATs, five driveways, and four fences. Plus, it's all slope-friendly! Better yet, be out on the look for a diagonal and fractional angle version, coming soon! For the current model though, be sure to download the required dependencies listed below. It may also be of help to know that these houses grow on low desnity, 1x3 $$ residential plots of land.

Please note that I am attempting fix the dependencies. The link provided to display formatting techniques is effectively dead and I cannot find the information elsewhere. In the meantime...


clubmanagersamsclub Love this... 2014-07-23
Ricky112233 Awesome! This is perfect :) 2014-04-07
girafe Thanks for releasing :) 2014-03-22
swordstalker2008 Looks great! Love the driveways. Much better than the older driveways. 2014-03-18