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Heblem submitted a set of terrain props in 2010. It contained sand props that could be painted onto the terrain.

I thought that these props would be useful for making paths and trails, but they are too large for that.

So I used Model Tweaker to make smaller props.

Now I can offer you the four sand textures by Heblem in two smaller sizes: Small and Extra Small. You can paint them on your terrain, you can use them on your lots.

I made the props,

Paeng made the MMP's. Thank you Paeng!

Have fun!


You need one dependency: HBS Flora Prop Pack for the set to work.

If you want Heblems original MMP's too you also need: HBS Tropical Flora Pack (Mayor Mode)


Ernestmaxis These are the best! 2015-10-09
13592931694 Thank you ! 2014-04-13
BATs By Bipin Thanks a million, quite useful! 2014-04-09
sejr99999 thank you very useful 2014-04-09
c.p. Nice! I\'ve already thought of a use for these. 2014-04-08
nlvelez Thanks Frank! These will be very useful. 2014-04-08
juliok102013 Amazing, Thanks Frank 2014-04-08