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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2015-12-23
Last Update: 2020-02-09 File Type: Plop
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Quite often, the advisors annoyed me with their requests to build an airport in my city for boosting the local economy. Now there are excellent airport sets around, and there are the "BSC Functional Airports" that also offer various airport shuttle lots. While I thought this is a great idea to avoid building an actual airport in every city, the whole set is rather large, and I was looking for a small and simple solution.

So I went ahead and designed a bus station myself, using Khiyana's modern bus stop props, then had a closer look at the Airport Controller, and modded it, so it would accept my airport shuttle lot as functional airport. The capacity might look a bit high, but I picked a value that should serve cities up to 500,000 residents. If you need more, simply plop another airport shuttle lot, as they hardly need any space, and look great in any busy part of your city.

Caution! Crash alert!

This lot is NOT compatible with any other functional airports, such as the BSC Functional Airports. For all players who are using functional airports in their cities, I created an identical bus terminal lot, which pretty much has the same values, and which works like a regular bus station.

If you want to use this download, please bulldoze all other functional airports (apart from the Maxis ones) in your cities and remove the files from your plugin folder. In addition, you need to bulldoze my airport shuttle lot in any of your cities before you uninstall it again. Otherwise, the game will crash instantly when you try to load your cities, and the files will be permanently damaged.

This airport shuttle lot is only intended for players who don't want to use another functional airport set. The bus terminal lot can be used without further caution, though.

Update 2020-02-09: Fixed crash bug and added BSC Textures Vol. 2 to dependencies list.

Tyberius06 notified me about a bug that caused the city where you plopped the Airport Shuttle lot to crash during the next startup if you bulldozed the lot before. CorinaMarie from Simtropolis found out what was causing the bug, the LotConfigPropertyZoneTypes was set to Ploppable (0x0F) instead of Airport (0x0B). I have updated the download, please overwrite the old file, then open the city or cities where you used the Airport Shuttle lot (only the functional version is affected, the regular bus station is fine), bulldoze it and then re-plop it. This should be all for fixing the bug. Unfortunately, cities that are already affected by the bug seem to be unsalvagable, I'm very sorry about that.


CorinaMarie In the Lot Configuration exemplar, change the LotConfigPropertyZoneTypes from Ploppable (0x0F) to Airport (0x0B) to fix the city corruption when bulldozing bug. ;) 2019-11-18
sejr99999 thank you now I don't have to build an airport in every city 2017-04-01
jy02258642 Same question with jsweazey, how about plopping this lot in one of my cities while having functional airports in another, will it crash? 2016-03-30
SimNation Thanks for making a option Bus station version :3 2016-01-27
city12 WILL THIS CRASH MY GAME ?<br /> 2016-01-07
jsweazey So if i have functional airports installed but not in-use in my cities, I can still use this?? 2015-12-26
tarieltestbot You mean, we're gonna get wonderful goodies like this until January 31st ??? Andreas, you're on a sleigh ! 2015-12-23
TheTeaCat A wonderful addition thank you (for shutting up my advisors!) 2015-12-23