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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2015-12-25
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The University of Clayhurst is an expandable set of buildings and lots which can be used to create a fully modular university in your city.  This expansion pack offers new classroom buildings, several dormitories in different sizes, and a few more eye candy lots for your campus.  It also includes three different university shuttle bus lots that work like an university in the game, but look like a bus station that offers a ride to a large university campus in the neighboring city:

  • 3 Academic Classroom Buildings
  • 3 University Shuttle Bus Lots
  • 2 fully functional Security Buildings
  • 11 eye candy University Buildings
  • 5 larger "Quad" Lots
  • 3 Driveway and Parking Lots
  • 1 additional Path Lot

Most likely, you don't want to build a large university campus in every small town.  As interesting as the game is when playing an entire region, the interaction with other cities is limited, and you can't build any lots that affect the entire region.  Therefore, I was using a little trick and designed three different University Shuttle Bus lots, which are unlocked around the same time as the university.  In the game, they work like a university, with similar values, but they look like a bus station where the students can take a bus to a large university campus in the neighboring city.

Once you build a shuttle bus lot, the University of Clayhurst and the other shuttle bus lots are not available anymore.  Pick a lot that fits to the size of your city.  The reward scripts were modified a bit as well, the icons of the university lots are not greyed out anymore, but completely hidden, except for the shuttle bus lots that show the minimum requirements for building the university.  This should slim down the education menu a bit.

Three functional classroom buildings form the basis of your university.  These "trigger buildings" will become available when your city has reached a population of 36,500 sims, and if a trigger building of the starter set has been built.  At this time, you will be asked to build one of the three choices.  You can only plop one functional classroom building at this time, but you will be able to plop eye candy versions if you would like to.  The functioning trigger building will act much the same way as the Maxis university.  It will provide jobs as well as educational and other benefits to the city.  You will need to provide road access to any functional building.

After you have placed one of the three trigger buildings, you will then be able to build any of the other additional buildings included with this set.  Some of these buildings are functional and some are mostly "eye candy."  All functional buildings require road access.  They will also provide jobs as well as other benefits depending on their function.  The eye candy lots can be plopped anywhere.  They require no road access and are essentially neutral lots as far as the rest of the city is concerned.  They do, however, count as university buildings and lots which will help to make the university grow and expand with upcoming expansion packs.  (Please pay attention to which version you select from the menus.  Functional buildings are followed by eye candy buildings in the menu order and menu descriptions clearly indicate which lots are which.)

Additional Functional Buildings Include:

  • Campus Fire Station - Acts as a  functional fire station, providing jobs and reduces fire threat (found in the fire station menu).
  • Campus Security - Acts as a small police stadium, providing jobs and reduces crime (found in the police station menu).

Eye Candy Buildings Include:

  • Swan Centre for Business Studies - a non-functioning version of the classroom building
  • DeBussy School of Engineering - a non-functioning version of the classroom building
  • Matthew Edgren Law School - a non-functioning version of the classroom building
  • Campus Fire Station - a non-functioning version of the fire station
  • Campus Security - a non-functioning version of the security center
  • Winterton Hall - a small dormitory
  • Diggis Hall - a medium sized dormitory
  • Roth Residence Hall - a medium sized dormitory
  • Stropon Hall - a medium sized dormitory
  • Payce - Rooker Hall - a large dormitory
  • Tage Towers - a large dormitory


BTS_SC4 Well thought out - beats the old Maxis university. Able to spread it out over several city tiles linking them to the main campus via bus stops. Nice! 2019-12-13
BTS_SC4 Found the missing pieces: you don't deserve it. 2018-03-13
BTS_SC4 After a few CTDs, I was able to complete the campus. I still have not seen all of the eye candy expansion pack. A lot of improvements can now be done on my regional parks. Thanks. 2018-03-11
aleksey-kuznetsow Great!!!!! 2018-02-20
cronop44 Thanks 2017-09-13
Aaron Graham Great work!!! 5/5 :O 2016-01-31
Brendan46 Thank you so much! I can finally finish the university I abandoned so long ago! 2016-01-20
XiahouDun The pack I looked forward to the most. Thank you JBSimio! 2016-01-12
jack_wilds will the fieldhouse find its way here as well?... 2015-12-28
jsweazey Tarkus: i have all of them, or at least i should. your starter pack works fine. maybe because i have a mac? ill figure it out somehow. :) 2015-12-27
Tarkus jsweazey: Try using the Dependency Tracker to help find the missing props that are causing the brown boxes. Just click the little green button that says "Supports the LEX Dependency Tracker". 2015-12-27
jsweazey Looks amazing, too bad I'm only seeing brown boxes when I play :\ 2015-12-27
jack_wilds R U guys serious?!... best not be teasing me on this pack... its more than awesome... its really really collegiate of everyone that made this possible... BEST GIFT EVER! 2015-12-26
jg362343 Best Gift ever ! 2015-12-25
APSMS O so many years and rumors of its existence; it's great to finally see it reach the general public.<br /> <br /> Thanks for dusting it off for us! 2015-12-25
mattb325 Great to see this released. 2015-12-25
slickbg Wow!! The quality content of this Christmas season is fantastic. It's so exciting to see this pack released! JBsimio has made such great creations over the years. This release adds a lot to that legacy. Thanks so much for this! Merry Christmas. 2015-12-25
SimNation Oh my! So glad you did this, your clayhurst is a thing of greatness for wanting to design a university in a region. Thanks for releasing these additions. 2015-12-25
Tonyr Bam!!! 2015-12-25
sejr99999 thank you for this addition to Clayhurst which will make it easier to create a more realistic campus<br /> also like the idea of the shuttle bus stops I always thought Universities and airports should be interconnected<br /> between cities and this is one way to achieve that effect 2015-12-25
tarieltestbot Jaw-dropping. 2015-12-25
markussaage That is sooo awesome! Thanks a lot, finally a great expansion set for this wonderful University set! 2015-12-25
firefightertl57 Have been wishing for this for a long time and it does not disappoint! Looks amazing! Merry Christmas 2015-12-25