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Creator: TheTeaCat Upload Date: 2015-12-26
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
Views: 7153 Category: Parks
Last Downloaded: 2023-03-15 Downloads: 643


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These are a set of simple railings for your parks and open ground. There are a selection of different pieces for your use with various pieces for the corners. All lots sizes are 1x1, easy to find in the menu and with guides to help in the placing of them in game.

These lots have a slight tolerance for slopes but careful alignment can produce nice effects.

Because they have the base texture removed they are prone to the water bug.
If this happens switch to zones view and then turn it off again. This will rectify the problem.

Please note : These lots do not give any benefits at all, i.e. no landmark effect (I mean really steel bars and concrete posts = landmark, no, not from where I come from!), park effect,  etc. These lots are totally neutral. The only cost is building and destroying them (Well for the time, materials and effort )


BATs By Bipin Cool! Thank you! 2015-12-26
jg362343 Just what I need 2015-12-26
sejr99999 thank you these will be very useful 2015-12-26