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Creator: vester Upload Date: 2007-02-12
Last Update: Never File Type: Textures
Views: 6292 Category: Dependency - Textures
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Pilaitis Thank you, caspervg, everything working :) 2014-02-07
caspervg @ Pilaitis: This file has been included in BSC Textures Vol 02. If you download that file, you will have this one. 2014-02-07
Pilaitis Can it be unlocked? Please ! 2014-02-06
Pilaitis hey, I very need this VDK file, why i\'m can\'t download this? This is not a dublicate of Vol 02. 2014-02-06
641979779 I can\'t download it! Please tell me how to take it...thank you so much! I really need it.. 2008-08-17
Grabulon I ran the installer, but it apparently does not extract any files. Vol. 02 works just fine though. 2007-07-12
icepeter Graet ! Thank you ! 2007-06-29
pokestik Thank you 2007-02-17