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371,417 KB (vNAM 34 + CAM 2.1.0)
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The bundle is a Wineskin Wrapper containing the original NAM 34 and CAM 2.1.0 .exe installers. It has been packaged as a single bundle, containing both mods, since Wine files themself are bigger than 300MB. This package will work on OS X El Capitan (10.11). Special thanks to the NAM Team and InvisiChem for providing their installers. For any issue and feedback related to this installer, please visit the official support thread on the SimCity 4 Devotion Forums.


You have to extract the .zip file first and then the .7z file to get the installer, which can be done via Keka OS X or The UnArchiver. The double compression is needed to keep the file size and bandwidth consumption down.

Inside the NAM + CAM for OSX folder you will find:

  • The Readme file.
  • Instructions to install the CAM and update it's installer in the future.
  • The NAM installer.
  • The Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool.
  • A icons .icns folder.

Depending on your security settings, you may not be able to open any installer by double click. If happens just right click on "Install NAM 34" and select "open".

Don't worry if it takes a while to launch the first time.

You can install the CAM by right click on the "Install NAM 34" app and select "Show Package Contents", there you will find the CAM installer.


Tarkus jcbarbar: NAM 34 was released two years before High Sierra even came out . . . so even if this were unlocked, it wouldn't cut it either, especially since it was built using the same methods as the NAM 35 and 36 Mac releases. NAM 37 (whenever it gets released--we don't know) will have a new Java-based installer that's cross-platform, and should have fewer issues on the Mac end. All the massive changes Apple keeps making just throw us for a massive loop, especially since we don't regularly have access to a Mac, and have to rely on third-party reports as to whether or not things actually work. 2020-04-01
jcbarbar 35 and 36 dont work in MacOs High Sierra. This -34- apparently yes but its blocked. Magnificent. 2020-03-30
billyshears Cool! 2019-11-07
MGB204 You can't, NAM34 is obsolete, you will need to find the latest NAM35 instead.<br /> "There is a NAM 35 Mac version (presently without the CAM) over at ModDB, which I personally built in Sierra." 2017-03-17
SimSeong When we can download ? 2017-03-15
SimSeong When we can download ? 2017-03-14
Tarkus MattSC4: To avoid tech support issues, due to it including a now-outdated NAM version, and reports of issues running on macOS Sierra. In the meanwhile, you can acquire NAM 35 for Mac over at ModDB. Mero90 has supplied a new NAM 35 + CAM bundle, but it's not up yet due to some FTP issues. 2017-01-11
MattSC4 why the download is locked ?? 2017-01-11
Cooper-White @Tarkus, Thank you so much, downloading now. 2016-12-12
andy o Hi downloaded and all looks like it wet smooth but not in game. After everything is extracted does anything have to be done with the Compiler? (I'm on MAC)<br /> 2016-12-10
Cooper-White @Tarkus, Thank you so much, downloading now. 2016-12-05
Cooper-White @Tarkus, Thank you so much, downloading now. 2016-12-05
Tarkus Cooper-White: This version is actually outdated at the moment. There is a NAM 35 Mac version (presently without the CAM) over at ModDB, which I personally built in Sierra. 2016-12-04
Cooper-White Appreciate the effort put into this, but is there any word on Sierra compatibility? The installer just doesn't open :-( 2016-12-04
IZZY25 thanks you for creators this mod 2016-09-06
Marcos323 Yeah 10mins into playing with all the new mods it crashes, NAM looked like it was going to be the ducks nuts (some how ever better) to play Simcity 4, but with it crashing its just a ball teaser 2016-03-29
zimar1984 Hi, I installed this but it makes the game crash. :( 2016-02-27
mooey500 I tried this but it made the game crash upon opening. Any one else having this issue?<br /> Maybe I installed it incorrectly. 2016-02-27