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Creator: eggman121 Upload Date: 2016-03-13
Last Update: Never File Type: Textures
Views: 11205 Category: Dependency - Textures
Last Downloaded: 2021-12-01 Downloads: 3228


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This update is for Lots containing the The NCD texture packs and some BSC Textures to RRW standards.

The following can be removed from your plugins folder.

"RailyardTexture Mega-Pack Vol 1.dat"


"RailyardTexture Mega-Pack Vol 102.dat"

The "BSCTextures Vol 02.dat" Must be kept in your folder since only a small selection of textures where updated!

If any issues arise pleas post in the thread:

yingde Thank you. 2020-12-19
Baltimore Thank you , these were in much need . 2016-12-08
fantozzi No doubt, a mighty deed. 2016-06-23
CT14 Works as advertised, thanks for filling this longtime community request. 2016-03-31
MGB204 Thanks for making all these textures and bringing the RRW to many existing lots in the process. 2016-03-18
markussaage Awesome! 2016-03-16
APSMS Beautiful! 2016-03-16
sejr99999 thank you I like the look of these RR textures more realistic 2016-03-15