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Creator: Simmer2 Upload Date: 2016-03-18
Last Update: 2020-01-04 File Type: Plop
Views: 12653 Category: Transport - Rail
Last Downloaded: 2022-08-15 Downloads: 2146


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Hello fellow SC4player and thank you for downloading yet another one of my exciting projects.

 SM2 IntermodalTerminal.

    Intermodal Terminals are rail yards dedicated to the transportation of just about everything you can think of. 80% of a nation's product finds its way into our home trough many of these special yards.

Manufactured products are packaged and then placed into metal boxes especially designed for long hauls by ship and rail. These boxes are called containers and they come in many sizes but the most common ones are the 40 foot lengths. Containers are then loaded and unloaded in facilities such as these. Usually you find stacked containers in shipping container yards and they are staked by either cranes or reach stackers. Intermodal yards mostly use mobile cranes that ride on special tracks, they straddle 2 or more train tracks and up to 2 road lanes where trucks pull up and either load or unload their containers. You won’t see reach stackers in these type of yards therefore you won’t find stored staked containers. 

I designed this one to be modular with a total of 10separate lots. You can actually make a 26, 34, 42, or 50X20 tiles long terminal. I made this way so as to accommodate various sized maps. Up to you to build the size you need.

I created all custom made textures for this project. Just about all props, including the cranes are part of timed prop families therefore if you observe the terminal during a 24 hour game period you will see almost everything change in order to simulate activity. The warehouse lot is designed to be different every time you plop it. Up to 5 different buildings are available. When you plop multiples of this lot, keep trying until you get all different buildings on the finished ensemble. 

The left side lot is designed to be a freight yard therefore you will see freight trains leave this lot.
The rail pieces are designed to allow only freight trains to traverse the lot keeping things realistic.

The warehouse lot and the right side lot are designed to be medium wealth manufacturing thus your sims will gladly go to work there :) Each one provides 98 jobs. All rail and roads entry/exits will connect to RRW and road networks.

Please make sure you completely flatten the area you chose to place the lots. I made custom icons with easy to follow markings. You will find all 10 lots under the rail icon in game.

A big thank you goes to all the wonderful models/props creators such as Jestarr, Mushy Mushy, Murimk, SCF, Girafe, NBVC, Cogeo,  Jim and the BSC team, without them this project would not have come to life.

Have fun, Simmer2

You are welcome to use my textures and prop families but you must link this download as a dependency.

*Edit Aug 22 2018 Updated files with new folder structure. For the sake of an organized plugin I suggest you re-download this file and remove the old one. No other action is required in game as this update does not change the lot/s in any way*

Credit for new folder structure and helping me organize it all, goes to Tyberius06.
Jan 5 2020 Squashed a bug, please download and replace with this version. Thank you


Tyberius06 ssaidd: these lots have dozens of models/props, a little bit more information would be great to narrow it down, what is missing for you. Please, leave a comment with an image, which shows the borwn box in this topic: so somebody might be able to help you out. 2021-08-23
ssaidd im seeing a brown box but i got all dependencies, help please 2021-08-22
Redbaron097 What dependency are the gantry cranes part of? says i've downloaded all the SC4Dev props, and I've verified i have all the simtropolis mods installed...still not showing up in my game though 2020-02-22
Simmer2 @blaza6925 I'm using the RRW texture, available only if you install the NAM mod. 2018-05-01
blaza6925 Very Nice! - What rail textures/mods are you using? 2018-02-23
Simmer2 @Simcityppl I upload all my work over at Simtropolis as well. Never had any issues. 2017-11-26
Simcityppl This must have taken a while for you to make, so good job! I have a question tho, Are these dependencies safe? some of them come from simtropolis but I dont want to pick up any malware or viruses. Thanks!<br /> 2017-11-23
GreatWesternUK Just cannot get enough of these yards, ty so very much ;) 2017-04-01
Salva1914 Wonderful! Thank you so much :) 2017-02-10
simlacroix Awesome, I loved it! 2016-11-24
Simmer2 Hello tortilla. You are missing BSC Mega Props jestarr Vol02. Click on the green dependecies tracker button above ^^^ and download it from the link supplied. 2016-09-02
tortilla Hi there! Fantastic work but i wonder if you could help me please? I get 4 brown boxes on S2 lot. Everything else is fine. I queried the boxes and said Bumper Posts. Would you know what i am missing please? Thanks 2016-08-30
tortilla Hi there! Fantastic work but i wonder if you could help me please? I get 4 brown boxes on S2 lot. Everything else is fine. I queried the boxes and said Bumper Posts. Would you know what i am missing please? Thanks 2016-08-29
Simmer2 If anyone is still experiencing brown boxes on lot S3 please read the instructions marked in red in the above^^^ update. 2016-04-10
aky85 Well i checked every thing have NAM 34, Jim CarProp Pack 1.2, Flora everything but still wont work. Maybe it wil solve it selfe some time. But still a grate piece! Cheers 2016-03-21
Simmer2 If you need any help with the installation or for any problems you may incur, please post here Thank you! 2016-03-20
zmveliger Thanks for your precision regarding the NAM version. I'll check that since I didn't upgrade it yet. It's a interesting trail since, like I wrote earlier, Jim CarProp Pack 1.2 is installed and triple checked mannually. I really like the modular approach of your terminal. Arrivederci! 2016-03-20
Simmer2 Seems like you are missing Jim CarProp Pack 1.2, already on the dependency list and the NAM, I believe the brown boxes near the lake (the ones at the end of the rail lines) is the train bumpers, only found in the NAM. I will update the read me.<br /> Thank you. 2016-03-20
zmveliger Great piece of work. It went directly in my plugins folder but I have some problems with it like Gtaman. I triple check the dependancy list and I'm experiencing brown box pox too. From the pictures, it seems like trucks or a trailers. Any idea? 2016-03-20
Gtaman boxes:<br /> what i'm missing? 2016-03-20
Gtaman boxes:<br /> what i'm missing? 2016-03-20
Simmer2 Hi aky85. You are either missing some of the NBVC rocks or some of Girafe's flora. 2016-03-20
aky85 Hi I have a problem. I got all the Dependencies but stil get 3 brown box near the lake. :( 2016-03-20
Themistokles Wonderful! 2016-03-19
shanghai kid wow, this is a wonderful Rail Terminal :-) 2016-03-19